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On air: If it’s not racism, why do some Americans hate President Obama so much?

obama sweats

“Hate Obama ? – you may not be racist, but you will be white . ” is the title of a thought-provoking article by Michael Tomasky in the Guardian today.

As far back as August last year, this blogger was documenting the websites and pictures doing the rounds against the President.

And here’s a very good blog on how the media portrays him.

Mr Tomasky’s article says: we’ve seen an epidemic of hatred against the president that I think is safe to call unprecedented. Bill Clinton and George W Bush were hated – but not quite like this.”

So what is going on here? Is this different to the vehement criticism directed at Presidents Bush and Clinton? Do you see it as inside or outside of America’s normal political discourse?

Is it about race?

Or might there be an uncomfortable truth for those who supported him: that he’s just not turning out to be as good a President as people had hoped for.

And if you’re on the outside looking in, are you surprised by the level of dissatisfaction with President Obama? Many of you hailed him as the greatest politician of his generation.

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Should all child sex offenders be chemically castrated?

Have a listen to this. It’s a anonymous interview from the BBC’s Europe Today with a sex offender who’s been chemically castrated. He talks openly about how it’s affected him physically and emotionally.


As you listen, let us know if you think his case convinces you that certain types of sex offenders should always be chemically castrated? Continue reading ‘Should all child sex offenders be chemically castrated?’


Should Barack Obama have allowed himself to be censored?

If by speaking to China’s youth, President Obama was attempting to smuggle in a bit of democracy into China, then he’s failed according to this blogger. Here’s why:

‘Chinese authorities declined the White House’s request to have the town hall broadcast nationally. Each of the 400-plus students had to attend a pre-talk “lecture and meeting” to learn their talking points. Chinese news sites that originally reported Obama’s remarks about an open Internet and universal rights were quickly censored.’

Hypocrite  or wise move? Is  allowing himself to be censored the sacrifice  President Obama has to make to have China on side?

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Do you want bloggers to be outed?

The mystery woman who writes the blog, Belle De Jour, about her former life as a prostitute has revealed her true identity. Dr Brooke Magnanti now works as a scientist at a university. She said Belle, her character on the blog, will always be part of her and it was time to end her double life. But it’s been hinted that someone who knew her was about to reveal her real identity or that she was about to be exposed by the media.
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