Talking Points for 11 April

Good morning, Zimbabwean opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has met with South African president, Thabo Mbeki ahead of an emergency summit on Zimbabwe this weekend. But what does he expect him to do and is he strong enough to do it?

Basildon Peta, writing in today’s Independent newspaper says: a showdown is looming between Mr Mugabe and his neighbours.  We’ve discussed the same question repeatedly in the WHYS office this week – “Who leads Africa?” 

So who is that strong leader that the rest of the continent and the world looks up to?

It’s noticeable that it was Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa, who called for this weekend’s meeting of southern African leaders.  Another challenger is new ANC leader Jacob Zuma, who’s criticism of the delay in announcing the election results contrasts with position of South African President Thabo Mbeki.

Meanwhile the Herald Tribune vividly decribes Cameroon’s descent toward becoming a failed state.  The writer of the article Ozong Agborsangaya-Fiteu says the international community could take steps to help prevent a crisis. “Unfortunately, promises of preventive measures and “never again” rhetoric regarding Africa rarely translate into action on the ground.   But again where is the leadership in Africa?” 

And on Kenya – wasn’t it Kofi Annan former UN head who did the most to resolve the crisis?




7 Responses to “Talking Points for 11 April”

  1. 1 Justin
    April 11, 2008 at 10:21

    Sweden is addressing the American legislators on the fact that the United States haven’t taken their share of Iraqi refugees. Sweden has taken 40,000 refugees, if the US took an equal number of refugees they would have taken 500,000 refugees. BBC radio reported that Senator Obama from the US expressed shame that the US had not taken in more refugees.

    So should the US be taking in more refugees?

    I personally see a lot of factors here that would discourage the United States from taking in more refugees. First is security, as the main target of terrorists over the Iraq debacle taking in refugees would almost guarantee acts of terrorism within US borders. Another issue is the number of immigrants, legal and illegal, which the US already takes in each year. I don’t have figures for this but if you totaled normal immigrants illegal and legal and refugees into one total and compared the US to other countries, I wonder what the comparison would be?

    Anyways, this seems like a good debate topic and I think you should give it a go.


  2. 2 steve
    April 11, 2008 at 13:06

    I do think this is important, but off topic. At a campaign rally/fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, Elton John basically said that if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win, it’s because America is too Misogynistic. If that’s the case, if Obama doesn’t win, is it because we’re racist? If Mccain doesn’t win, it’s because we don’t like white male vietnam veteran POWs??? Is this a new tactic, if the candidate doesn’t win that we want (let alone not even being a citizen or being able to vote) is the nation a bunch of hateful people?

  3. 3 George USA
    April 11, 2008 at 14:05

    If Mugabe’s lawlessness motivates African leaders to join together to reject him,
    he will have achieved something good for his and other nations of Africa in a backhanded way.

    African leadership is needed today for Africa.
    Unity against thuggery is a positive move.

  4. 4 George USA
    April 11, 2008 at 14:22


    Normal refugees who do not pose a threat of terrorism are one thing.
    The terrorism employed by Muslims coupled with demands to take over countries laws where they immigrate make them very bad risks.

    Muslim demands of host nations to essentially cast off the religion and culture of the host to become Muslim on threat of violence, riots, terrorism and unrest eliminate them as a group.

    Individually Muslim families are great people, but these families adhere to and do not reject the above, so at the core the wonderful Muslim family is a fifth column package when enough packages arrive on your shores you have a deep serious threat to the nation.

    Outright terrorist are a very real and legitimate threat in the influx of Muslims.
    Young Muslims who are not terrorist upon entry of the host country, can and do become radical extremist under the teachings of Mosques established in the host country. This has happened in the countries opening their doors to Muslims.

    The sheer intolerance that is the very issue of today around the world: adhere to Muslim demands or we will riot, burn your cities, disrupt your commerce, threaten your population, all from inside your own country, make Muslims as a whole a bad bet for citizens.

    Fine people who excel in education, commerce, politics, community service, and all other aspects of citizenship understandably shout foul, we are doing what we should as good citizens, but the fact remains all of the above are true and more and moderate Muslims have not rejected the above because they cannot on fear for their lives.

    No, Muslims today, unfortunately, as a group, have made themselves a threat to the nations who offer a hand of friendship and citizenship.

  5. 5 steve
    April 11, 2008 at 15:42


    I’m not very familiar with British newspapers, this one seems tabloidish, so this might be a hoax story, but does anyone think this is a good idea, bad idea? Basically a “muslim pub” that serves no alcohol, but they play music and pool, though I don’t think pork chops will be served there. Is this social segregation or a good idea for people that want to socialize? But it begs further questions, such as are women allowed? Do they go if they are allowed?

  6. 6 Simeon Banda
    April 11, 2008 at 17:53

    I think Robert Mugabe was misled by his top executive that people love him so much and that he would be voted for if he stood as a candidate. The vote revealed this. We did the same in Malawi when the executive proposed his name as a presidential candidate. When he lost, he accepted defeat even before they election results were being counted and we buried him as statesman. I do not reduce a credit that Mugabe is a statesman but his overstay in office may reduce some credits which he could have had he retire like mandala or Nyerere.
    The Election Commission was caught, how could they announce that Mugabe who feed them has lost.
    At the same time if it is revealed that he has lost, let us treat him with respect which he deserves as the Founder father. If he has won, he should not finish his term but handle it over to another one of his party. Let him be behind the scene.
    The delay of the election results gives us a signal that the president is afraid to accept defeat, especially by someone he has always looked down upon.
    The choice of Mbeki who prefers quiet diplomacy did not help much the situation of Zimbabwe.
    Bravo Levy for taking the initiative to help Zimbabwe to resolve the election results. Human rights abuse has been at the top in Zimbabwe and many people suffered the police torture and the opposition supporters had been the worst victims in Mugabe regime. It means Zimbabwean lived in fear like us in Malawi during the time of kamuzu. we were always suspicious of the next neighbour. We need a free Zimbabwe, we need a breadbasket of Africa come back and very soon. God bless the people who fight for the truth and want justice. It is a shame that Zimbabweans could not resolve issues alone. In election we should expect to lose or to win. So the loser should accept the loss and now.

  7. 7 John in Germany
    April 13, 2008 at 08:48

    Mr Mugabe decided not to go to the meeting, Who ever thought he would, he need not to have worried, no one there would have put him in his place. or would they?.

    The electoral committee has decided to recount the presidential vote, what the hell is that all about?, they have not even declared the first one, that must be a first in our wonderful modern world. What are our governments in the west doing about it, unless covert, nothing that we have heard about. I admire the audacity of those that still support the man. We all know that Africa is another World, but there are thriving democracies there as well. What, and where are we?, thousand die of hunger, illness, women are gang raped in front of their own children by animals calling themselves soldiers. I was sick to the gut listening to the girl that had to pull a rope and kill her own child. Busses of so called veterans, turn up at farms and kick the owners out, take all that can be sold, and run. These are facts known by all of our leaders, and what is done about it NOTHING.

    My prayer for the day.

    Leaders of our democratic world, combine your wisdom, and power to support and nourish those that are trodden on by those of you that know no democracy. nor pity, nor respect for life.

    John in Germany

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