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Talking Points for 11 April

Good morning, Zimbabwean opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has met with South African president, Thabo Mbeki ahead of an emergency summit on Zimbabwe this weekend. But what does he expect him to do and is he strong enough to do it?
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Talking points for 8 April

Many thanks to all of you that took part in last night’s programme on the Olympic torch relay.  Over 200 comments on the blog and collectively you helped produce a sparkling on air programme which is well worth a listen on the podcast if you missed it.

Today we’ll be focussing on whether women should tell their employer if they want a baby? You’ve been talking about it and Chloe’s blog post yesterday already has great comments. Are you affected?  Let us know by the usual channels or post on the blog.

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Talking points for 19th March

Two weeks ago in Gaza there were celebrations that a gunman had infiltrated a Jewish seminary in West Jerusalem and killed eight people.  The Palestinian President condemned the attack, but according to a new poll an overwhelming majority of Palestinians support it and other acts of revenge against Israelis.

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Stories for Wednesday 12 March

Some morning musings for you all to think about..

Most read and emailed story right now on BBC news online is about a TV advert deemed offensive to Christians. Also knocking around today is the resignation of a top US military commander, the cost of war and being cleaner than clean in public life. And when should you stand by your man?

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Stories for Tuesday 11 March

A number of subjects to mull over as possible talking points on the programme today.

Why are our kids so unhappy, arranged marriages are they a good thing, and citizenship – what does it take to be a good citizen?

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Stories for Monday 10 March

Hi there from a rainy and wind swept London.. A number of things have caught our eye today.  Do Americans have the rights to keep out people they consider a threat; do we have a right to happiness; more doom and gloom from Iraq and an old British comedy about France under Nazi occupattion is to be screened on German TV.

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Lubna – cheating death.

I’m sure you all know Lubna in Baghdad. She is one of our most loyal contributors on World Have Your Say. Today she sent me a message to say that she narrowly missed two roadside bombs and that she had cheated death twice. Here is her message.

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‘People will think we are all wild animals’

Good morning from West London…

There are a number of stories that have caught my eye today. Serbia and the attack on the American Embassy in Belgrade, immigration controls, alcohol controls and controlling teenage pregnancy.
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Kenyan violence

Violence has again erupted on the streets of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, and in the Rift Valley following the murder of an opposition politician. Mugabe Were, a member of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) of the defeated candidate, Raila Odinga, was attacked outside his home, police said.

This is what Omar in Naivasha told the BBC 2 hours ago.
“Naivasha is in a state of chaos. Bullets are raining down on people from planes. People are panicking and not sure what to do. They are trying to take refuge at the police station, kikuyu people are trying to break into the same police station. There is chaos all around and people unsure of where to go to protect themselves”.

I’ve just spoken to Omar who tells me he is afraid that Kenya could be worse than Rwanda.   He wants to tell you all about the situation on today’s programme.

Richard Dowden, Director of the Royal African Society, writing in the Independent this morning, says the violence is horrific but Kenya will not become a new Rwanda.

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Martin Luther King’s legacy

Well a spectacular win in South Carolina on Saturday for Barack Obama.. In his victory speech, Mr Obama called on his supporters to overcome racial divisions and work for what he called the politics of shared prosperity. Throughout his campaign Obama has reached for the legacy of Martin Luther King to the call for change. Martin Luther King had a dream.. 40+ years on is Barack Obama the realisation of that dream?

Not according to Jonathan Farley. He’s a former Martin Luther King Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He argues that to liken Barack Obama to Martin Luther King does him no favours because King, like the civil rights movement failed African Americans. In a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, Dr Farley wrote that “King built nothing, and taught us only how to take a beating’ He adds ’A Black King did not redeem us. And neither will a black president.’

Jonathan Farley is a guest on today’s programme and happy to debate his views with you all. If you want to come on post a comment here on the blog and well get back to you or email the programme at

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