Helen Richmond


Profile PictureAt 7 years old I announced to my family that I wanted to work for BBC radio, to which my father, an avid BBC listener, responded that the BBC would never employ me with my strong Yorkshire accent, yet here I am today.

Before joining the World Have Your Say team I was working as an English teacher in China. During this time I also made a few embarrassing T.V appearances but the less said about those the better! I also started listening to the World Service and became a fan of World Have Your Say.

Before moving to China I worked a volunteer co-ordinator. I had a fabulous title ‘Community Champion Team Leader’. My role was so fun and varied. I ran a drama group, attended community events, and generally got involved in all aspects of the community and made some great friends doing it.

My first taste of radio was during my time at university between socialising and studying I volunteered at BBC Manchester on their Sunday morning multi-faith programme. Meeting and greeting guests at 5am! You have to love radio to volunteer to do this. I also started to present the weekly request hour at Hope Hospital. I can no longer stand to listen to Bette Midler’s ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ as this was the most requested song.

After university I moved back to the right side of the Pennines (the hills and moorland that runs between Yorkshire and Lancashire). During this time I also helped at a community radio station. It was enormous fun. Because the team was so small I involved in all aspects of radio but the thing I most enjoyed doing was outside broadcasts at community events.

Now I am here fulfilling my dream to work for the BBC on a great show. I look forward to getting to know you all.

14 Responses to “Helen Richmond”

  1. 1 patti in cape coral
    October 2, 2009 at 17:10

    Welcome Helen! Your life makes me feel positively boring. You’ve inspired me to make a resolution to try something new everyday.

  2. 3 vijay pillai
    October 2, 2009 at 17:47

    Good luck to you and dreams of children young as 5 when i decided what i wanted to be and good to keep plucking away without forgetting your ultimate passion.

  3. 4 John in Salem
    October 2, 2009 at 19:44

    Welcome to the crucible! When things get “interesting” you can think of how great this will look on your resume.
    Just remember to breathe…

  4. 5 scmehta
    October 3, 2009 at 07:12

    Dear Helen,
    I’m sure, it was your hard work and determination that paid off and helped you realize your dream; And, if it was because of the ‘Have Your Say’, then I too may not be far behind!
    Enjoy the new-found life; Good Luck.

  5. October 3, 2009 at 15:31

    Congratulations but always remember that it is the stone that is rejected which is the cornerstone.

  6. 7 Jim Newman
    October 4, 2009 at 04:22

    Hello Helen
    Well done! By the way. While your there could you do me a favour and try to make WHYS less stuffy and more open to opinions that go beyond the normal run of the mill Americanisms.

  7. 8 Dennis Junior
    October 5, 2009 at 12:42

    Welcome to the BBC, Helen Richmond and enjoyed your time on World Have Your Say…..

    ~Dennis Junior~

  8. 9 Francisco, from Huelva-Spain
    October 7, 2009 at 14:46

    Hi Helen wellcome to WHYS, I listen this program usually because it’s a great program, and to learn english.. so I want know what that Yorkshire accent is like. 🙂 Congratulations and wellcome

  9. 10 Martha Atukwase
    October 7, 2009 at 15:32

    Hi Helen. i envy your resume. welcome to WHYS and be sure to enjoy it.

  10. October 7, 2009 at 16:51

    Hey helen, welcome to world have your say, im sure working at the BBC world service is one of the greatest jobs in the world. I envy you girl:) but your passion inspires, looking forward to hearing your voice on air.

  11. 12 Tom D Ford
    October 8, 2009 at 00:32

    “At 7 years old I announced to my family that I wanted to work for BBC radio, to which my father, an avid BBC listener, responded that the BBC would never employ me with my strong Yorkshire accent, yet here I am today.”

    Congratulations! I hope that your dream turns out even better than you originally dreamed it.

    I hold Old Grandpa Radios WHYS guys and WHYS show in the highest respect and I suspect that with your resume that you’ll have a great time.

    Oh, and I expect your best. Grandpa Radio gives a chance to many people who usually don’t get to speak their piece besides the high and mighty and they deserve the best from all of us.

    December 22, 2009 at 18:49

    Yah, the copy girl. I am the copy boy; its almost my home where you are. Good Lord! I love all those copiers. And you are not wrong by pointing at your hear. Its workings have drawn me to you and the team.


  13. 14 Idris Dangalan
    January 22, 2010 at 13:09

    Your dream would touch the sky and lighting as shining stars.

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