The beginning of the show…

2 Responses to “The beginning of the show…”

  1. 1 JoAnne
    March 8, 2010 at 20:15

    I am distressed by a lot of what I have been hearing on the show today. Many women have expressed thoughts regarding “quotas” or “affirmative action” which appear to suggest that women do not have larger roles in politics or other traditionally male dominated occupations because they lack the qualifications. What is not being spoken is the other side of this statement: Men, people from the West, Middle and Upper Class people, and/or White people are inherently more qualified and worthy of these positions than marginalized people. Most of the examples have been from “Non Western” countries while I have been able to listen. As a woman living in the United States the results continue to be dismal. Surely we don’t believe that 51% of the population is just inherently less qualified.

    On another related note, the notion that we should depend on changing attitudes is equally disheartening. If women, people of color, poor people, LGBPQ people, and people of different physical and mental abilities did not insist on and fight for changes in laws we would still be waiting for things such as a) the end of slavery, b) the right for women, people of color, non property owners to vote, c) 8 hour work days, the list goes on. Even the opportunity to be having this international discussion about women would be in doubt if it depended on us waiting for everyone to sanction free speech.

    Thanks for the provocative show.

  2. 2 agomo
    March 9, 2010 at 15:57

    i honestly think women need all the support they need to get to the top just like anybody else.we have relegated them to the background for far too long and it is time we get up and say we are sorry for the suffering and pain we have inflicted on them, we never believed that women could go all the way to achieve their ultimate dream just as men do. now is the time to give a helping hand and we are talking whether we should get involved or not? oh please come on we know what is right!

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