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Could migrant wokers pull the world out of recession?

workersThis is a subject that comes up quite often during our editorial meetings. Two weeks ago we did a programme from Calais where a camp called ‘The Jungle’ was shut down by the French government.

Some of you reacted to the Afghan refugees on the program asking them to go home because if they do make it across the Channel to Britain, they’ll become a burden on the health and housing system. Some of you also mentioned that many have lost their jobs due to recession so there aren’t enough jobs to go around for new people, especially that the new people are illegal migrants. Continue reading ‘Could migrant wokers pull the world out of recession?’


Is there any excuse to be unemployed?

JuliaYou may have seen Julia’s post below. She’s one of the many Oregonians who have lost their job in the past year. No issue has been raised with us more than unemployment since we’ve been here, and of course the problem’s not confined to the States.
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Talking Points 10th November

Dealing with rising unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing President-elect Obama, 1.2 million jobs have been lost in the US so far this year. The personal impact of global recession is being felt through rising unemployment in countries around the world. Tell us your unemployment stories – are you feeling at risk of losing your job? Are you able to cope if you do?
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Should the unemployed be made to work?

Here in the UK, the government has announced plans to force the long-term unemployed to work full-time or face losing their benefits. Does it sound like something you’d want in your country?
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Martin Luther King’s legacy

Well a spectacular win in South Carolina on Saturday for Barack Obama.. In his victory speech, Mr Obama called on his supporters to overcome racial divisions and work for what he called the politics of shared prosperity. Throughout his campaign Obama has reached for the legacy of Martin Luther King to the call for change. Martin Luther King had a dream.. 40+ years on is Barack Obama the realisation of that dream?

Not according to Jonathan Farley. He’s a former Martin Luther King Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He argues that to liken Barack Obama to Martin Luther King does him no favours because King, like the civil rights movement failed African Americans. In a recent article in the Guardian newspaper, Dr Farley wrote that “King built nothing, and taught us only how to take a beating’ He adds ’A Black King did not redeem us. And neither will a black president.’

Jonathan Farley is a guest on today’s programme and happy to debate his views with you all. If you want to come on post a comment here on the blog and well get back to you or email the programme at

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What did Martin Luther King do for African Americans?

I read this article in The Guardian yesterday and was immediately convinced that plenty of you would like to speak to the man who wrote it. He’s called Jonathan Farley and all being well he’s going to be on Monday’s show. (You might need to sign-up to The Guardian website I’m afraid.) 
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