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What next for Catholics and the Catholic Church?

Have you read this story that the New York Times ran today? The article says that Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy in Wisconsin was accused of molesting more than 200 deaf boys and even though  American bishops allegedly warned top Vatican officials to act, the Vatican did not move to defrock Rev. Murphy. It’s a compelling article with some specific allegations relating to then-Cardinal Ratzinger,  have a read and post your thoughts on what you think is next for Catholics and the Catholic Church. Here’s an update, a Reuters article on the Vatican response.


On air: Has the Pope’s apology gone far enough?

The Pope has apologised to victims of sex abuse in Ireland. He acknowledges ‘serious mistakes’ were made in how allegations were handled.  Thousands are commenting on the apology, and many are asking if it went far enough. Some feel that the ‘cover-up’ aspect hasn’t been fully owned up to. Continue reading ‘On air: Has the Pope’s apology gone far enough?’


“Natural law ” ? or the law of the land ?


Peter (Dobbie) here with news of Europe Today on air 1700 GMT. Following on from the post below I wanted to let you know we’re discussing this news story on the show tonight as well.

We’ve been speaking to Rocco Buttiglione, an Italian MP, who’s very close to the Vaticans thinking on this. He has some very – er- forthright views. It’s a strong interview, and I’m sure you’ll find it thought provoking. Do let us know on ET what you think about this, or you can post here. Later :o)

*********                         Britain has an Equality Bill currently going through parliament.

The Government here says it’ll make this country a fairer place , protecting people from discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere.

The Pope doesn’t agree. He says :

the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their beliefs.” Continue reading ‘“Natural law ” ? or the law of the land ?’


Talking points 18 March

_45575155_ottoHow far should a parent go to find a sexual partner for her disabled son? That’s exactly what one woman in the UK is actively doing. She’s even going as far to say she would consider paying for a prostitute for her son who has Downs Syndrome.

This blogger asks How many mothers seek hookers for their sons?

Here are some of the conversations going on on a BBC messageboard. This agony aunt in the UK says she believes this young man Otto Baxter, who has Downs, has the right to sex. Continue reading ‘Talking points 18 March’


On Air: Should the US be welcoming the Pope?

He’s received a Presidential greeting like no other on his first official visit to the US, but should he be receiving such a welcome?

During his six-day visit, the Pope, as head of the Catholic Church will address the UN and lead prayers at Ground Zero. Before arriving on American soil he told reporters on board his plane that he was “deeply ashamed” of sexual abuse by US clergy and said “we will absolutely exclude paedophiles from the sacred ministry”. In recent years, the US Catholic Church, which has around 65 million followers, has paid $2bn (£1bn) to settle clergy sexual abuse cases. Continue reading ‘On Air: Should the US be welcoming the Pope?’


Talking points for April 16

Good morning, Pope Benedict XVI has arrived in the United States for his first visit as leader of the Catholic Church and received an unprecedented presidential greeting at the airport. He started his six-day tour by telling the media that the sexual abuse scandal involving Catholic clergy in the US caused him shame, but the abuse scandal is only one of several controversial issues likely to come up during Benedict’s trip.

Continue reading ‘Talking points for April 16’

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