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Should the army fight crime in Italy?

The Italian government wants to put 2,500 soldiers into the streets to help in the fight against crime.

Is this the right way to tackle crime?

One left-wing Italian politician’s reaction was:

“We are not in Colombia where these forces are used to fight terrorism and armed insurrection.”

Do you agree with him or rather with Milan’s right-wing mayor who called the measure an “important warning signal”?


Ireland “No” vote – your best Limerick?

So Ireland has rejected the EU’s Lisbon Treaty. EU Treaties aren’t normally the inspiration for flights of poetry, but can you write a killer Limerick to sum up the moment? Is this a deserved slap in the face for Eurocrats who just don’t listen? Or is it Ireland – which has enjoyed a massive economic boom since joining the EU – that’s just given Europe an undeserved kick in the teeth?

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Do you protest at the protestors?

The main World Have Your Say debate today is about how to react to high fuel prices, but I’d also be interested to hear your views about the protests. Thousands of lorry drivers in Spain have been blocking roads been France and Spain because they say the price of diesel is crippling them. People have already been queueing up for petrol, And there have been long lines at supermarkets. Do you think the truckers have a right to make their protest in this way? Or are they just stopping other people going about their business?


Fuel for thought

If you want to get a heated discussion going around the watercooler anywhere in Europe, then bring up one topic: the rising cost of fuel. For the past few days across Europe, truckers and fishermen have been holding protests against rising world oil prices, demanding government action to hold down prices at the pumps. Yesterday in Britain, hundreds of truck drivers shut down highways in protest against green automobile taxes. Do they have a point? Or do they need to accept that the world is changing and oil is a finite commodity which is only going to get more expensive? If you live in Europe, would you be willing to pay higher taxes to combat climate change? Let us know what you think: would you prefer lower petrol prices, or a cleaner environment? Or can we have both?


Can a country ever re-brand itself?

Austria’s reputation has suffered a battering over the past week because of the Josef Fritzl incest scandal. Now the Austrian Chancellor, Alfred Gusenbauer, has said his government plans to launch a campaign to rectify the damage done to the country’s image.  But how can  a country re-brand itself? Denmark went on a PR drive after the Muslim cartoon scandal. In the past Belgium has had its image damaged by child sex scandals….but how can a country recover from such bad press?
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Le Pop: Is English the only language for rock and roll?

Much discussion in the office this morning about whether anyone could think of a single good pop record sung in a language other than English. Many a snide comment about the Eurovision song contest but few people put their hands up. For years the French have been fretting over their most popular bands abandoning their native language but is the reality that English is the only language for Rock and Roll?
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Talking points for 26th March

It’s not exactly a quiet day – with more violence in Iraq, and warnings of an impending catastrophe in Somalia, where hostilities continue between government forces and Islamist insurgents – but in terms of talking points, the most interesting possibilities seem to lie around the edges of the main news agenda.

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Where do you draw the line in scientific research?

A change to embryo laws in the UK has sparked a furious debate.

Over the Easter period a number of Catholic Church leaders in Britain called for MPs to vote against a change in the current Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act, which would allow the creation of animal-human embryos for research.

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What’s gone wrong for Sarkozy?

Hello from Newshour. Has the Sarkozy project run out of steam? That’s the question we, at Newshour, will be asking at 1230 GMT this Saturday as France prepares for a second round of municipal elections on Sunday.

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Stories for Monday 10 March

Hi there from a rainy and wind swept London.. A number of things have caught our eye today.  Do Americans have the rights to keep out people they consider a threat; do we have a right to happiness; more doom and gloom from Iraq and an old British comedy about France under Nazi occupattion is to be screened on German TV.

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