Should profit remain a priority?

This is Samit at One Young World.

1 Response to “Should profit remain a priority?”

  1. 1 gary indiana
    February 10, 2010 at 17:27

    Should the recipient of my services award me value in excess of the value I provide? If I add value to raw material, mold clay into a pot for example, will my employer compensate me with value greater than the value of my efforts? Look honestly at evolved Capitalism. Please show me an example of a corporation striving to maximize the compensation of those who provide its services and its products, or in other words to insure they “profit” from their labors. Maximizing profit always involves minimizing costs, and labor is merely a cost. In fact, maximum profit is definable as the maximally biased, inequitable evaluation of goods and services and the current world, with its goods and evils, is the result of this definition. It is a lie even to imply the existence of “for profit” business noblesse oblige. If the benefits of profit; enjoyment of beauty, convenience, and avoidance of justice are the desires, then at least profess them honestly.

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