One Young World – Karuna Rana

My name is Karuna Rana and I’ll be representing the beautiful small island of Mauritius, also fondly known as “The pearl of the Indian Ocean”, at the Inaugural Summit of One Young World.

Now 22, and born in the Mauritian town of Reduit, I left Mauritius at the age of 5 to spend most of my childhood in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai for 8 years. I ultimately returned to Mauritius to complete my  education. I’m currently a final year undergraduate student in the field of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Mauritius.

I have been brought up in a multicultural society due to the fact that I come from a mixed ethnic background of Indian, French and African. Moreover, my past travelling experiences and the enriching experience gathered from living in one of the biggest and fastest developing nation like India and eventually in a small developing island like Mauritius, have enabled me to develop a broader insight of the global issues to be debated at the Summit.

Amongst the different global issues, one of my major concerns is the impacts of Climate Change which has already been felt over the past few decades and the worse is to come if no immediate remedial action is taken. Small Island Developing States (SIDS) like Mauritius are already vulnerable due to their size, geographic remoteness and reliance on imports. Sea level rise might eventually threaten its very existence.

On a personal basis, I do my best to protect the environment and spread awareness in my little actions. From daily small “green” practices, to setting up a local environmental organization – Every action counts. Through my organization, I undertook a paper use optimisation project in my community whereby we collected paper used only one side and sent it for subsequent reutilisation in places such as pre-primary schools.

I was also involved in the promotion of the UN-led ‘Seal the Deal’ campaign in line with the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December 2009 and an environmental ‘350.org’ teach-in activity at one of the largest orphanages in Mauritius for the International Day of Climate Action in October 2009.

Through One Young World, I have read several of the delegate and counsellor profiles which only make me feel privileged to be part of this ambitious team and to meet other future leaders. It is amazing how the global youth of today are already acting as agents of change in their small and big ways, through different actions in different countries. Thus, through this Summit, I’m expecting to share lots of projects and experiences and learn yet more in return. We need less talk and more ACTION. One Young World has all it takes to bring about this switch.

10 Responses to “One Young World – Karuna Rana”

  1. 1 Guillermo
    February 4, 2010 at 20:44

    Karuna, you are a scientist. Then your mind says, Action. Mauritius is one of the islands that are in the tourist realm. It is comforting that education is the tenet in your country. Yes, we have to live with Nature not against. Welcome to the world of knowledge that is road to a happy Earth.

  2. 2 gaurav
    February 5, 2010 at 20:04

    the work u guys are doing… jus two words for it…
    ‘pure awesomeness’

  3. 3 patti in cape coral
    February 5, 2010 at 21:15

    Wow, in your picture it looks like you are in a beautiful paradise. Welcome!

  4. 4 vijay pillai
    February 6, 2010 at 04:50

    It does not matter if you are from a small island or large island.I was born in an island less than 2 sq miles but to contribute to world issues one need passion for whatever issue one take to his or heart and express views which may resonate with those of similar opinions worldwide for improving the quality of life for all.

    Global warming and climate change affect small islands as well as large islands but the scale may be severe to low lying areas specially with lack of financial resources to protect against natural and man made calamities. My friends from Mauritius are always asking me to visit their beautiful island which is not just beautiful physically but many people are beautiful indeed specially their girls as anyone would agree here.

  5. 5 James Ian
    February 6, 2010 at 08:51

    Yeah, Wow, you’re hot and smart! LOL Good luck saving the world.
    What do you think about over population and its impact on the earth. What do you think about Malthus Essay on the Principle of Population (1798)

  6. 6 K Rana
    February 6, 2010 at 10:30

    Hey guys, thank you for the comments.

    Indeed the Mauritian economy is dependent on the tourism sector upto an extent. But then, tourism goes hand in hand with the environment – we can’t have tourism without a good nature! We can talk about ecotourism here.

    Also, I’d like to share an ambitious project with has been undertaken by the Mauritian Government in 2008 called the “Maurice Ile Durable” project (or Mauritius – The sustainable island in English), targeting towards a sustainable island. A major part of the project is to achieve 65% energy autonomy by 2028 using renewables like biomass, solar and wind. Right now, more than 20% of the electrical needs of the country is met by renewable sources, mainly sugarcane bagasse. I think for a small island like Mauritius, despite it’s vulnerability, this is a major step and could act as a model role in the region.


  7. 7 Stranger
    February 8, 2010 at 18:01

    It is indubitably a great honour for all Mauritians to have a compatriot representing the country at international level. All the deeds that you have accomplished are indeed astonishing at such a young age. I, sincerely, hope that all youngsters of our island adopt the same “green” attitude that you are displaying. Make your mark at the one young world conference and make all Mauritian/African proud.

  8. February 9, 2010 at 09:23

    Hi Guys,
    We world today is indeed more challenging for the youn ones. When ever a disaster falls in any part of the world its the young ones and the eldery that suffer. Its time for the world realise the beauty of life without suffering.Let the world continue to build a secure an productive societies for menotring youth.
    Lawrence Uganda.

  9. 9 raj
    February 16, 2010 at 16:40

    Hi Karuna, could you please get back to me ? president.anpras@gmail.com

  10. 10 Varna
    February 20, 2010 at 18:47

    Hey my dearest friend,
    Simply awesome article you have there…
    Continue with the good work…
    Best of luck…

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