Reaction from caller from Jamaica

1 Response to “Reaction from caller from Jamaica”

  1. 1 Linda from Italy
    January 14, 2010 at 23:53

    I am in awe of this woman, a person actually doing something to help people and who has not been hijacked by religio-political ideology – people like her are the only hope we humans have for a future, such passion and belief, and of course intelligence in her refusal to bow to the most fatuous question ever “are you a Christian? She sees that as completely irrelevant as should every person in possession of at least one brain cell. Bravo, well done, and please let her, and people like her be heard more often, for this is surely what humanism is all about – not belief in some old bloke with a long beard, directing things to meet his own whims and fancies – the true antidote to that patriarchal controlling despotism that actually robs people of their very humanity.

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