Newshour’s on Facebook…

facebook_logo170_170x49It’s been up and running for just a week, but we’re really excited with the response so far, well over 500 members and growing fast. (wites Dan Isaacs, on the bike).dan on a bike

And the way some of the conversations have kicked off has been amazing.

Just have a look at the debate about the Kenyan government’s plans to conduct a national ‘gay census.’

lyse We might not have reached the scale of the World Have Your Say blog, but we’re enjoying getting to know our listeners and hear what they have to say.

You want more pictures of our presenters, more lively discussion and a better idea of what’s coming up in the programme.

We’ll try to provide all that, but really the facebook group is for our listeners to talk to each other without us getting involved.owen

With your help, it’ll go from strength to strength. You’ll find us by typing BBC World Service Newshour into the facebook search engine. Or just cut and paste this  – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=163459127696&ref=ts  into your browser. Come and join the conversation. Dan

P.s : WHYS on Facebook here.

8 Responses to “Newshour’s on Facebook…”

  1. 1 Anthony
    October 30, 2009 at 19:03

    Nice!!! I’ll be checking this much more while I’m on the road, since I can access this from my phone. GO WHYS!!!

    -Anthony, LA, CA

    October 30, 2009 at 21:20

    I might give it a try sometime but honestly I am okay here unless I wana stole a ride on Dan’s Enfielf machine with all manuals written in Patel’s and Gujarat. Don’t try me on that, I would! Lel me see. facebook is some new chemistry from them BBC hah! I am used to the crowd aroun here. Everyone is here; grandies too and who else? Oh and Junior and Steve Wonder an all dose odder tried an good broddrs an sisters too. In facebook I might find myself on main street poking at total strangers unused to ma music.

    ‘I gota a right to hang around
    I gota a right to sing the blues now and then’.

    Ho! Hooo! I am not dat good at croaking de jazz music as much as I want but de crowed around here likes it. In dis place I was never run outa lil loose change. Yesssir!

  3. 3 Chuksagwu
    October 31, 2009 at 04:54

    Lets have more !

  4. October 31, 2009 at 15:21

    Does this mean the WS and Facey are on the way to merger?

    • 5 Dennis@Tc3
      November 2, 2009 at 17:43

      No, Joe Polly; It doesn’t mean that World Service and Facebook are on
      the way to a merger….

      =Dennis Junior=

  5. 6 Dennis Junior
    November 2, 2009 at 00:02

    Congrats to NEWSHOUR on the migration to Facebook…

    =Dennis Junior=

  6. 7 Jim Newman
    November 2, 2009 at 09:49

    Hello again
    Thank you WHYS for introducing me to facebook. I am now in touch with my grandchildren.
    All the best

  7. November 2, 2009 at 22:44

    very happy t see newshour on thiss social networ. it is never late.

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