Two jobs for George

2 Responses to “Two jobs for George”

  1. 1 Cyd
    June 10, 2009 at 21:25

    I disagree that being unemployed is a choice for everyone.

    If you are saying that everyone who is unemployed are being too selective, I disagree.

    I live in North Carolina. I am looking for part time work, because I attend University. I was ready to accept part time positions that were not even paying a living wage. 7.00-7.50 an hour. These companies are cheating employees in my view. Then they want to do all kinds of background checks like I am a criminal! All I want is a living wage 8.50-10.00 an hour part time.
    One of the companies actually dropped the wage by .25 when they called me back! This is a very well known retail store that plans on opening 250 new stores within the next five years!

    I was self employed for five years until my husband passed away, then I moved to the south worked one year in a retail store where they set up their employees to lose because their business is so unbelievably poor, they will blame the employee instead of looking at the way they are conducting their business!

    No it is not by choice that people are unemployed…I think that is very unfair to say that.

    I think these companies need to look at themselves. The way to keep good help is to pay them adequately and treat them fairly! It comes down to them being greedy, by not paying and treating employees unruly and unjust so they can put more money back into their own pockets!!!

    • 2 James Loudermilk
      June 12, 2009 at 07:00

      What’s wrong with background checks? Don’t take it so personal, you can’t blame them for wanting to protect themselves and thier costomers.
      As far as the pay goes, take what you can get, work there and then keep looking for something else that pays better, when you find something better take it.
      Don’t just not work at all just because you are not getting the cream of the crop job right off. I mean just because you get more money from unemployment then a real real job isn’t a good excuse to just not work.

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