The hidden costs of unemployment

Again this may have to be updated once I get to Portland as the flight’s about to leave from here in Vancouver, but I thought I’d quickly post about an issue a number of OPB listeners have raised ahead of this week’s trip.

Through no design of ours, quite a few of the people coming to our shows are unemployed (a situation many 1000s of Oregonians have found themselves in recently).

Clearly there is an immediate financial impact to losing your job. But people also want to talk about how it affects your relationships, your confidence and your outlook on the life, and what, beyond getting a job, helps to fend off a sense that your value to others has diminished.

If you’re unemployed, you’re very welcome to share your experiences. I know there are Oregonians who’d like to talk to you about this, including Julia, who’s posted above

1 Response to “The hidden costs of unemployment”

  1. 1 Jim Newman
    June 9, 2009 at 18:27

    Hello again
    In the early 70s Harold Wilson said that full employement is not possible and we must start to restructure our society to accomodate that fact. Calaghan took over and that was forgotten.
    I think that we have enough brilliant economists and philosophers in the world. They should sit down together and think out a way of weening humanity away from the Anglo-Saxon work ethic.

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