A right to know?

_38703711_grumpy-babies300Pink for a girl – blue for a boy – are you pregnant and dying to know who’s inside? Now a new over-the counter kit can tell you, at just 10 weeks, the gender of your baby.  Makers say they won’t sell the kit in India or China, because of a national bias for boys

Would knowing whether you were carrying a boy or a girl have made a difference to your pregnancy, or your life plans. Amanda on Newshour wants to hear your story – did you rush out to colour code the nursery at your first ultrasound – or did you have a his and hers list from the baby names book saved for the day your little one was born.
Are you a parent with 5 boys, desperate for that little girl – or are you one of our listeners in China or India where girls are seen as less desirable.? Or would this simply spoil a wonderful surprise?

14 Responses to “A right to know?”

  1. 1 Jennifer
    June 9, 2009 at 15:13

    Re: Would knowing whether you were carrying a boy or a girl have made a difference to your pregnancy, or your life plans.

    I could say it wouldn’t but I am sure it would because boys and girls are treated differently. We expect different things from boys and girls. I don’t think it would significantly impact my life plans which gender my children were.

    I will tell my husband girls OR ELSE!!!! j/k

    Re:Or would this simply spoil a wonderful surprise?

    Yes. I think at 10 weeks, would there still be the possibility of spontaneous abortion as well….

  2. June 9, 2009 at 15:39

    Why must people choose between boys and girls when they are pregnant. Can any one manufacture a human being on his/her own?, Impossible. Children are divine blessings from God and they need to be embraced no matter the sex, as no one is responsible for his/her sex. Sex is determined by God and not human. Differentiating between boys and girls must be considered a gross violation of child’s right.

    Mohammed Kondawa

    Monrovia Liberia

  3. 4 Rob (UK)
    June 9, 2009 at 15:40

    There is good evidence to suggest that throughout the animal kingdom (including in humans) female offspring are preferred when environmental conditions are hard, whereas male offspring are preferred when times are good. We humans also have cultural effects to deal with, such as the Chinese tradition of sons caring for elderly parents.

    If we learn too early of the sex of our offspring, it will give individuals the opportunity to select the ‘best’ sex for them – but this may not be the best sex for society as a whole. For example, too few women in a population is likely to induce male-male competition and increase the incidence of violent crime.

    • 5 Tom K in Mpls
      June 9, 2009 at 20:03

      Rob, accounting on births was weak at best in the US in the 1930s. But records and personal accounts show that girls were far more likely to mysteriously die during or immediately after birth, than boys. It was true in the ‘old west’ too. Stories of the gender ratio bear this out. The perception was that in hard conditions that boys can help grow/hunt food better than girls.

  4. 6 Anthony
    June 9, 2009 at 16:05

    I think anyone who would abort their baby depending on sex, will go to great lengths to figure it out without the OTC product.

    -Anthony, LA, CA

  5. June 9, 2009 at 16:22

    So they wont sell it in India and China?
    Well maybe I should become a major distributor to India and China, I am sure they will sell to Nigeria, so I will buy it and them sell them back to China or India (why not both?). The point is: these products will eventually get to China and India and some unfortunate babies will get killed (aborted) because they are the ‘wrong’ sex.
    Personally, I wouldn’t want to know the gender of my child until he or she is born, what difference does it make, male or female, it is going to cry a lot afterall.

  6. 8 Bazia Morris, Maridi WES, South Sudan
    June 9, 2009 at 17:42

    It is a right and US should not interfere. These two country should learn to live and tolerate other people among them.

  7. 9 Tom K in Mpls
    June 9, 2009 at 19:15

    LOL! Trying to limit access to technology!?!? Trying to stop anything that is desired for any reason is doomed to failure. Look at the world history regarding drugs, immigration or nuclear arms. If there is a desire, there is a way. The only hope to stop it, is to stop the desire. And don’t confuse artificial suppression with stopping.

  8. 10 Scott [M]
    June 9, 2009 at 19:25

    It seems comical to sort of censor the censors in China. We keep hoping for more transparency in China and now we are in a sense withholding access to information from the Chinese, because we feel that the Chinese public won’t be responsible with the information. Isn’t that the same rationale used to support many injustices throughout Chinese and indeed world history? Very strange situation.

  9. 11 Revant (Nepal)
    June 9, 2009 at 19:27

    I think it is a good decision not to sell it to India and China. I see people mentioning that these kits will eventually make it to these countries but we have to bear in mind that sex bias is mostly prevalent among impoverished and illiterate population who cannot afford to pay more for smuggled products and possibly aren’t capable of finding products in the international market.

  10. 12 Andy
    June 9, 2009 at 20:01

    Lol. They won’t sell to India or China. Then someone will just develope the same thing go into competition with them and sell to a much larger market. If there is a bias for a certain gender in those countries then maybe this will help with reducing the worlds population.

  11. 13 Lameck Yonah Jr
    June 11, 2009 at 08:04

    Hello: I am definetly sure that it would make a difference, mostly for those who are eager of getting a baby of a certain sex, let say somone wishes to have a babygirl, then she comes to realize that she is carrying a babyboy!!!!!!

    I actually would precisely like to know !!!

  12. 14 Dennis Junior
    July 13, 2009 at 01:50

    @ NewsHour:

    I think that you (as a new parent)…You have the right to know!

    ~Dennis Junior~

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