Welcome to Kokomo


Hi it’s Shaimaa here in the city of firsts. The reason Kokomo aquired this title is because so many things have been invented here; most important of all is America’s first car. Kokomo has Elwood Haynes to thank for that as well as many other industrial and automotive inventions.

The auto industry is one of the reasons why we chose Kokomo to be our location for the 100th day of the Obama presidency program. The other reason is that we wanted to know what effect the Obama adminstration has had so far on small town America. I’ve just arrived and haven’t been around town just yet but from my ride in and short walk around my hotel, Kokomo is very close to what I imagined it, even though it’s joined together by wide streets it has a very cosy feeling about it. People know each other and are very friendly.

The first friendly person I met was Steve the gentleman who drove me from Indianapolis to Kokomo. On the way I told him what we were doing in town and asked him about his impressions of teh Obama administration so far. ” I don’t like the socialist direction things are going in” he told me and when I asked him to whether this was about the heathcare system or the banks bailout and the call for further regulation by the government he just said “all of the above”.

It was clear Steve was not an Obama enthusiast and had alot of reservations about teh Obama policies not least the fact that he set a date for teh US troops to leave Iraq. But mainly it was the economy and the way the way th egovernment. according to him, was now trying to take control of the banks through the bailout. I know we had many bailout conversations on World Have Your Say and it seems that these conversations are still going on.

Look out for more Kokomo updates from me as I take a tour around town tomorrow. We’ll also be in Indianapolis on Thursday and Friday doing programs for WFYI, if you are arround join us for Friday’s show from teh Anthenaeum Theatre.

4 Responses to “Welcome to Kokomo”

  1. 1 rob.taylor
    April 26, 2009 at 14:05

    I listen to your station every niught during the week and i cannot help but think why the worldservice hasnt changed the time that it is 1 hour before the normal time in other words you havnt changed to british summer time it is very annoying thank you a very dissapointed avid listener

  2. 2 Vijay
    April 27, 2009 at 03:32

    Kokomo it sounds so alliterative,wasn’t there a song by the Beach Boys on the Cocktail soundtrack called KoKomo.
    You could’ve picked a more ethnically diverse area,after all Barack Hussein Obama is identified as the first Black President,somewhere in”Chicagoland “might have been better,like Merrillville or even Elkhart near the Michigan border.

  3. 3 globalcomedy
    April 28, 2009 at 04:35

    It’s a credit to WHYS that you try for as much diversity as possible. But re: the Big 3 car companies, I think that they should go bankrupt.

    Basic Economics 101: Part of being in business is keeping up with and adapting to your market, no? If you don’t, you go out of business. If you really believe that fundamental part of capitalism, why would you continue to bankroll a dead company? I’m sorry that people are losing jobs/health coverage. But first, these companies didn’t adapt. They censored development of the electric car. And now they’re “vital to national security?” I don’t understand.

  4. 4 globalcomedy
    April 28, 2009 at 04:40

    Second, if the States had universal health care, the per unit cost would be much lower. This in turn would mean healthier employees (and a healthy company).

    Whose fault is THAT? The politicians who enjoy universal health care (including Obama). Why should I subsidize someone else’s care when I have trouble getting my own? For the politicians and chat show hosts to keep saying “we can’t let them fail”, doesn’t cut it. What do we do then? Does this mean that all other businesses in the States are less important than the Big 3? Apparently so, because we can’t get bailed out as well.

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