On Air Today: The end of civil war in Sri Lanka?

After decades of violence, could this finally be the bitter end  of the civil war in Sri Lanka?

The Tamil Tigers are facing defeat by the Sri Lankan Army. The United Nations has called on them to surrender and Hillary Clinton says “the entire world” is disappointed the Sri Lankan government isn’t protecting civilians.

According to one aid organisation hundreds of dead and wounded people have been brought out of frontline areas.
There’s been protests in London calling for an end to war and Prameshwaran Sabramaniyum, whose family were killed during recent fighting is on hungerstrike.

Ros will be joining him and the Tamil protesters outside parliament in London for WHYS today. Post your comments and questions now.

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  1. 1 steve
    April 23, 2009 at 13:09

    Gee, this has been going on for decades yet we rarely hear about it in the news. Perhaps they should call it “Israel” so it gets more coverage?

  2. 3 charles ogbeche
    April 23, 2009 at 15:02

    they are killing some rebels and grooming more

  3. April 23, 2009 at 15:11

    Is there any chance of prosecuting members of the Sri Lankan government or military generals? Or will it be like Israel vs. Gaza, with little such hope?

    What’s Sri Lanka’s excuse for not becoming more democratic over the past 25 years?

    Sri Lanka like Israel, Russia and others claim their actions are part of the worldwide War On Terror(TM). Would Bush&Blair agree I wonder.. How about Brown (I know Obama has changed the words)?

    Does Sri Lanka have any cause to be nervous about international criticism? Or can they be assured that it will be nothing more than words like ‘disappointed’?

    Do Sri Lankans of majority Sinhalese ethnicity accept that the minority Tamils have been wronged in the past, and that they do even now face unequal treatment within Sri Lanka’s democracy?

    Why has there been so little in-depth coverage of this conflict on BBC TV (World News)? Al Jazeera had fairly regular reports, sometimes from the frontline.

  4. 5 nora
    April 23, 2009 at 15:14

    Working with Tamil refugees in the 1980’s was one of the most harrowing experiences I have ever had. The children had seen so much strife and division that they knew it would not end soon. They were afraid to return and had no thought that they could in their lifetime.

    Peace for Sri Lanka must be carefully crafted.

  5. 6 Tom K in Mpls
    April 23, 2009 at 15:36

    Genocide is not a question here. If Sri Lanka initiated most of the attacks from the beginning, if Sri Lanka did not let Tamil civilians leave the combat zones. If the Tigers tried for a political end, them I might consider calling it genocide. As it is this is a weak and desperate ploy to get some sympathy.

    I have *no* sympathy for the Tigers, no praise for the Sri Lankan government, and it is unfortunate that as usual the ones that suffer the most are civilians that want little to do with the power plays of others.

  6. April 23, 2009 at 15:39

    James from Kenya

    What bred the Tamil tigers and what do they fight for all those years? I have come to realize that fighting sometimes breeds more rebellion from remaining fugitive splinter groups.
    I am from Central Kenya where the Mungiki bloodbath is rife currently this, after they locals turned against them. SO is fighting back a solution or pouring gasoline on fire? Need answer

  7. 8 Muthee in Nairobi
    April 23, 2009 at 15:48

    Hi WHYS

    i am really confused. I don’t know whether to be happy that the war is coming to an end after a quarter century of loss of life and instability, or to be sad that so many innocent lives are being lost in this final thrust by the government to defeat the Tigers.

  8. 9 Anthony
    April 23, 2009 at 15:50

    I don’t really understand what a protest and hunger strike will do? I mean, isn’t that like me going to Washington and protesting that the Taliban stop in Pakistan? What will that accomplish? It seems like if these people REALLY wanted to help the cause, they could do something more constructive.

    -Anthony, LA, CA

    • 10 ecotopian
      April 23, 2009 at 16:53

      They will raise awareness to the situation in Sri Lanka and, hopefully, focus attention there. That is the purpose of all protests: to raise awareness to an issue with the hope it gets attention. There has been very little press given to the civil war there and sometimes you have to shout to get the world’s attention. And that is what I think they’re doing, shouting so we finally pay attention.

    • 11 Nirmalan-Nathan
      April 23, 2009 at 23:56

      Hunger strikes, non-violent protest were all tried by the Tamils before Proabakaran but all not only failed but were met brutal and deadly force by the government which included burning the public library in Jaffna:::

  9. 12 saad , Jaffrabad Pakistan
    April 23, 2009 at 16:35

    The power of diplomacy should be used first. Srilankan government has must pursued the policy of diplomacy rather than of bullet. History bears bullet can not suppress the cause.

  10. April 23, 2009 at 16:41

    The action of hunger strike cannot stop innocent people from dieing in the hands of the Tamil Tigers. I think the best solution is, the United States need to enter into Sri lanka and save the vulnerable ones from their untimely deaths as they did in Iraq.

    Mohammed Kondawa

    Monrovia Liberia

    • 14 Tom K in Mpls
      April 23, 2009 at 17:22

      For many reasons it would be very wrong for the US or any other government to make a unilateral move on this. This is the role of the UN *if* anyone.

      As an American, I am tired of the world trying to get us to solve their problems. They want us to join an arbitrary side for some vague reason. This is especially bad when neither side is willing to seek other solutions on their own. What is worse, some of our politicians jump on these requests because it fits their personal agendas. This most recently has been most obvious with both Bush family members.

      Also, if we did, many in the world would love to accuse the US declaring war on Muslims. In the case of the Bush family, I think you would be right. Hopefully those fascist days are behind us.

      • 15 Nirmalan-Nathan
        April 23, 2009 at 23:51


        It was Mr. Bush who gave creedance to the expression “War on terror” and the Sri Lankan propaganda mechanism made full use of it. It was he who declared Tigers terrorist first. It was pity he did not declare Sri Lanka a Terrorist State.

  11. 16 Tissa Atukorala
    April 23, 2009 at 16:42

    This hunger strike if at all worth the time, should be against the LTTE (Libertation Tamil Tigers Elam) terrorists who are the real enemies of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. It was the LTTE who started killing innocent Tamils in Jaffna staring with the duly elected Mayor of Jaffna, Mr Duriappah when he was returning from prayers at the Jaffna Hindu Kovil.
    It was the LTTE who started killing every Tamil who oppossed their views including Prime Minister Gandhi of India, Prime Minister Premadasa of Sri Lanka and hundres and thousands of innocent civilians in their suicide bombing acts. Where was the hunger strike then Prameshwaran Sabramaniyum ?? Were you sleeping under a boulder when the LTTE taught the world how to kill innocent civilians going about their business in public transportation?

    To finance such killings LTTE used terror tactics and threats to Tamils living all over the world. I have personal knowledge of Tamils living in Toronto, Canada being threatned by the LTTE operatives into contributing money to their terrorist activities, If such contributions are refused, they kill the family members living in fear of the LTTE in Sri Lanka. The LTTE uses fronts like the TRO in Canada to raise millions of dollars to buy sophisticated machinery to kill the innocent. These are facts proven by independent authorities.

    The Sri Lanka goverment invited the LTTE to peace talks over 5 times. Each time they invented every little excuse they could find to walk away from the peace talks and gather more and more weapons to destroy the Tamils and all others who stood in their way. Where was your hunger strike then, Mr Brainwashed??

    Finally in Sri Lanka we have a President and a goverment with a back bone who is determined to save the Tamils from the terrorists and you go on a hunger strike? What an idiot.

    If you want to help the Tamils, go to Sri Lanka, work with the goverment to resuce the innocent from the terrorists. Don’t live with the comforts of a foreign country and shed crocodile tears to attract attention.

    • 17 Nirmalan-Nathan
      April 23, 2009 at 23:34

      I don’t know how old you are, Tigers are the product of Sri Lankan democarcy starting from Soloman W. R. D. Bandaranayake who brought in Sinhala only law and changed the education system in Sri Lanka in the respective mother tongues, i.e. Tamils studied in Tamil and Sinhalese of course were educated in Sinhalese. But, alas the employment market demanded knowledge of Sinhala, beihg the official language. So you see it was S. W. R. D. Bandaranyke who devided the country, wrote the recipe for the current dissaster. Susequent governents chose follow his policy instead of rectifying the problem. Indeed it will go on till the Sinhalese kill off every single Tamil in Sri Lanka or they leave the country and seek rfuge else where.

      Only solution is federal solution very much like Canada where the French Canadians are given proper recognition. This of course was suggested by many and was rejected by the government and accepted by Tigers who remain the true representatives of Sri Lankan Tamils inspite of their blunders.

      This was a war which nobody wins but will go on untill the Sinhalese mjority find the true meaning of democracy and the whole world realize that Sri Lanka has been a terrorist state since 1958.

      I will leave you find the truth for yourself.

      • 18 tigerhunter
        April 24, 2009 at 13:18

        you are obviously a grade A product of the ltte propaganda machine. What will you do once your masters are removed from the picture. finally the true tamils, those that are in sri lanka wil get to enjoy peace and live in harmony with the sinhalese and muslims, just like they do in the southern parts of the island. It is diaspora like you, who dont want your refugee status revoked in the cushy western nations that want this war to drag on. You say the sinhalese killed innocent people in 83. Sure, i admit wrongs wer done. But the ltte provoked that by killing the soldiers on patrol. Since then the ltte has tried to repeat the act and provoke the sinhalese again with the bombing of the sacred temple in kandy and also killing almost a 1000 soldiers who had surrendered. The sinhalese did not react because we have matured as a nations. Any grvieinces the diaspora parrot today are most fabricated or exagerated and only the ignorant will buy it.

  12. 19 Syed Hasan Turab
    April 23, 2009 at 16:43

    I dont support any genoside, infact Tamil Tiger’s are part of Indian human desaster, this is what this evil state is promiting in the reagon.

    • 20 Nirmalan-Nathan
      April 23, 2009 at 23:39

      I agree it was India who trained the Tigers and are now arming and giving full support to Sri Lanka including army personal on the ground. Has anybody wondered a war which has lasted 25 years could come to such speedy conclusion? Shame on you India::::

  13. 21 deryck/trinidad
    April 23, 2009 at 17:15

    QUES 1: TO THE GUY ON A HUNGER STRIKE PRAMESHWARAN. How do you propose the Sinhalese and Tamil people cna work together to unite the country?
    QUES 2: Do you foresee a time when their will be true peace in Sri Lanka? Not the type generated by vanquishing an enemy but one where mutual respect pervades all aspects of interaction between the Sinhalese and Tamils.

  14. 22 Steve in Boston
    April 23, 2009 at 17:34

    I don’t know who the goods are and who the bad guys are in this conflict–but what I do know is that I’d like to accessorize Hilary Clinton’s big mouth with some duct tape. What an embarrassment she is.

  15. 23 saad , Jaffrabad Pakistan
    April 23, 2009 at 17:41

    We should know why LTTA is fighting with Srilankan government ? LTTA demands should be met if they are genuine and i think most of them are if not all.

  16. 24 Nelson Isibor
    April 23, 2009 at 17:50

    I’d like to ask why the international community has not really given much attention to this conflict, is it that some wars are more important than some? What happens when this sudden surge of media coverage dies down?

  17. 26 Donnamarie in Switzerland
    April 23, 2009 at 17:51

    Two points:

    1 – I know many Tamils who live in my native California. The elders are dying of age-related causes. Their middle-aged children long for the homeland they fled but they cannot conceive of returning. Those two generations are the original refugees. The third generation, who arrived in the USA as small children or were born there, and their young children, do not want to return to what is to them a foreign country. The Tamil Tigers are responsible for their own ethnic group, and the Sri Lankan nation as a whole, for the loss of several generations of their best and brightest.

    2 – If the Sri Lankan government were the Israeli government, and the Tamils caught up in the fighting were Palestinians, the world media would be giving the current violence wall-to-wall, outraged coverage. Why are the Tamil civilians “second class victims”? Where is the outrage? This speaks volumes about how the world media conducts itself, and how irrational world public opinion is.

  18. 28 saad , Jaffrabad Pakistan
    April 23, 2009 at 18:13

    Srilakan government is responsible for genocide. It wants colonisation . it is ethnical cleansing indeed.

  19. 29 Raina Sabesan
    April 23, 2009 at 18:17

    It’s sad no one pays attention to the fact the Tamils are the one in Sri Lanka affected the most from the independence. Who is going to address the root cause of the problem?

    Western world especially UK should look to find a long term solution. May be a referendum on Tamils in Sri Lanka might be the beginning apart from stopping the war.

  20. 30 Tom K in Mpls
    April 23, 2009 at 18:30

    I am bothered by the comparisons of the Sri-Lanka/Tiger issue to the Israeli/Palestinian issue. These are nothing alike. The S/T is a civil war in which the standing government, more than not, is showing reasonable restraint. In such a situation, the only other countries that have any valid right or reason to get involved are those that share borders. And only then if any aspect of the conflict spills over into their lands.

    As for the I/P situation, you have a country created by the British to help Holocaust survivors, that feels the religiously justified need to expand without restriction. For decades, this is directly affecting all nations in the region. Due to it’s international impact, it requires international attention.

    • 31 Natarajan, Karnataka, INDIA
      April 23, 2009 at 21:44

      Do NOT be bothered too much. The comparison is VERY valid. Thamizhs, the historically original inhabitants have been sidelined for more than thousand years by the farce stories told by the so called buddisht monks. They have for more than 55 years protested peacefully and for a 25 years of struggled for independence with weapons . They are freedom fighters more than Hamas / Palenstinian groups. They are more disciplined and militarily & politically advanced state.
      Just because the 1945 victorious world powers carved out an Isreal and later recognized the Muslim dominated region of Palestine as a separate state, does NOT in anyway deny the legitimacy of the Thamizhs armed struggle. Take into thoughts that the LTTE are not a religious fundamentalist fighting on the lines of religion., but rather for a bigger cause / civilization.

  21. 32 Liam Daniels
    April 23, 2009 at 18:32

    From all the protesters right now in London, how many of them are awaiting their “asylum” papers to be accepted by the British government?

    I believe most people who were granted asylum to countries like Canada, Some European Countries and Australia, were granted this status based on the pretext of war and the claim of genocide in Sri Lanka. Therefore, if the war ends, it would mean many of those applicants would have to return back to Sri Lanka, eventually…

    My question to all protesting; how sincere are you for the need that ALL Tamils living there now are protected, or are you protesting for your own good will, because you are not a political asylum seeker, but more of an economic asylum seeker.

  22. 33 Julie in USA
    April 23, 2009 at 18:33

    It seems like the root of most complaints is that the media isn’t allowed in. Who says a government has to allow outside media into their countries to put their noses in? Talk about real concerns!

  23. 34 Mike
    April 23, 2009 at 18:48

    The Tamil hostages held by the LTTE terrorist who have managed to escape the area of the no fire zone report being treated better by Sri Lankan troops than they were by the LTTE terrorist.

    The terrorist supporters globally in all there protest have spoken out in favour of the innocent Tamil people trapped in the no fire zone and against the government and the armed forces of Sri Lanks but have failed to condemn the LTTE Terrorist shows that they are not representing the best interests of innocent Tamils as they claim.
    India, USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and other European countries and world leaders must unite in there stand and support the military offensive and the Democratically elected Government in Sri Lanks and send a strong message to those terrorist supporters and terrorist that violence in not the way to solve ethnic issues, Failure will open the door for a flood of ethnic battles in the future as it will give influence to other groups who are and have been treated differently from the majority of your countries population.

    • 35 Siv
      April 24, 2009 at 21:32

      Is it right that the Srilankan government kills Tamil people and noone says anything?
      The conflict originates from colonial times. Srilanka was administered as one country by the British who left it without assuring the rights of Tamil minority. The reason why the LTTE exists and why people feel so passionately is due to the discrimination of tamils in their homeland. The British are partly responsible for leaving Tamils in their current situation. So personally I think this issue needs international attention because the Srilankan government does not represent the Tamils of the North and East.
      Without external pressure the Singhalese run Srilankan government will purge the north and east of all traces of tamil civilization and claim these areas as Singhalese. Would Welsh people be happy if the English reinvaded their lands and colonised it with their people and discriminated against the Welsh in their own lands. Because that is what is happening in Srilanka. Only IC can do anything to stop it.

  24. 36 Roy
    April 23, 2009 at 18:48

    Although I understand some of the protesters concern for their relatives. However nobody is asking Tigers “LTTE” to stop fighting, to lay down their arms, why they do not go for a political solution, and to stop the violence. WHY is it now after 30 years, when the LTTE is losing the battle, do all these protestors come out? Majority of the young involved in the protests have never been to Lanka or Jaffna area. I would like to ask everyone of those people, Why are they in London instead of actually doing something positive in Sri Lanka? Are you going to tell me the same thing, that you will get killed in colombo?

    These people have never been to Lanka. Instead they are brain washed by the LTTE and they are just repeating what THe Tamil press is LTTE generated. So where were they when the LTTE bombed the ship containing the UN Peace negotiator last year?

    These people need to educate themselves with what is going on the ground.

    • 37 Natarajan, Karnataka, INDIA
      April 23, 2009 at 22:23

      Welcome Roy,
      Its like asking why Sikhs in Punjab / Canada / US did NOT go to Delhi in the 1984 Sikh riots sponsored by Rajeev & Congress, when Sikhs were identified with the voter list hunted and murdered in streets of Delhi with police watching !!!
      However wait & see how our protests brings about a paradigm shift !!!
      To this community you got explain how have you confirmed your allegation that LTTE bombed UN ship ?

      Moreover, most Thamizhs in India now feel that LTTE should have given the death sentence to Rajeev Gandhi for IPKF killing around 12000 Eezham Thamizhs during 1987 – 1989, crushing many men & CHILDREN under the tanks, raping our women; if they LTTE have not done it we would condemn them strongly.
      We respect the Sikhs as brave & courageous cousins. The martyrs – Satwant Singh and Kehar Singh.

      In future, Rahul / Priyanka Gandhi or their heirs to the so called democratic throne would confess & apologize Sonia’s sponsoring of the current genocide in lanka and that of Rajeev’s in the past. We would soon honour our martyrs too.

      However I afraid that political killings would become the order of the day, if wars are fought / innocent people are kiiled on insistence of individuals (read political masters) false / farce policies and ideas.

  25. 38 Neil
    April 23, 2009 at 18:49

    The only way one can believe any thing the Srilankan govt. says is when they allow free flow of press, both domestic and international. Else you cant believe any thing. They can make up any figures they want. Nor can the LTTE be trusted to give true details.

    Is the high commissioner willing to do any thing about this??

  26. 39 Johanna Hariharan
    April 23, 2009 at 18:55

    As a Tamil American, I can honestly say that barely anyone in this country has any idea what a Tamil, LTTE, or anything else having to do with Sri Lanka is; few people even know where Sri Lanka is. It is of utmost importance that Tamils make known what they want–not the Tigers, not the biased feed from the government–but the Tamil people themselves. Since their voices are muffled by the government, it is the job of those who are outside of the country to let the world know that the Tamil people do not want war, and they do not want terrorism. All they ask is that they no longer be treated like second-class citizens; that they no longer take the prejudices that accompany their status. The Sri Lankan govermnent has made it clear for twenty-five years it will not grant the Tamil people those rights. Now that the entire world is watching Sri Lanka, it is time that those who understand the significance of the war, such as myself, give the Tamil people a voice and urge the rest of the world to sympathize with them. All we want is our own voice, our own status, our own freedom. All we want is our own country.

    • 40 Amaaya
      April 24, 2009 at 12:34

      Well there are so many tamil citizens in uk and canada. Do you go about asking for your own country there as wel? There is a homeland for Tamils and it is Tamil Nadu as the name it self state.

  27. 41 Snoop
    April 23, 2009 at 19:19

    I was disappointed that only 2 views FROM Sri Lanka were offered (with the exception of the UK High Commissioner). These are internal issues-British, Canadian citizens-mind your own business. Enough meddling already! If you are so concerned come to Sri Lanka to help in establishing Tamil rights. If you are concerned about the humanitarian issues-then why shout ‘Prapakran-Leader”? Support for a fascist megalomaniacal sociopath won’t do in this day and age.

    Many of these protesters have not been to Sri Lanka and do not know how many tamils live amongst other ethnic groups. If there are restrictions on tamils -it’s only this year when the offensive started. Precautions should be made to safe guard the public-tamils included- from bombs going off here and there.

    A separate state? How big? Proportional to the population of Tamils or 30% of the land liek in the Eelam maps? What about other ethnic groups? what do you think the aftermath will be? Another partition debacle like when Pakistan was formed?
    These arguments for a Eelam are as misplaced in the context of world history as they are foolish.

    • 42 Nirmalan-Nathan
      April 25, 2009 at 06:38

      Hey Snoop,

      I suggest you snoop some more into world history in particular Sri Lankan history you’ll find the answer. Oh! I forgot. they even lie in their history books.

      As for your suggestion of Tamils returing to Sri Lanka to make positive contribution – be real my friend.

  28. 43 Dihan from Sri lanka - Galle.
    April 23, 2009 at 19:27

    Civil war in Sri Lanka prolonged over 25 years. Tamil tigers have been fighting
    against the government forces , killing Tamil people who live in North side of country and join Tamils ( Both elders and children) as soldiers by force. Sri Lanka had not a stable government earlier. But now Sri Lanka has stable government with a strong back born who is determined to save the Tamils from Tamil tiger rebels.
    And all of you are on hunger strike? Is it fair? No . not at all.
    Because the LTTE supporters who live in London never shout for their nation who lives in north of Sri Lanka. So do all of you know that why they are shouting and going on a huger strike?
    They have been allowed to live in London as there is a war in Sri Lanka.
    But they should go back to their home country when the was is get over.
    but they don’t like to come back to Sri Lanka as they cannot maintain a luxury life in Sri Lanka as they spent in London. This is the hidden reason for all strikes done by the Tamil tiger suppoters throughout the world.
    So that International community should understand this situation and should be treated. As i think , Tamil tiger suppoters should be arrested as they support to the most powerful terrorist group in the world.
    Peace talks were conducted by the Sri Lankan government 5 times over. But terrorist were put on weight by importing new guns and aeroplanes during the each period of peace talks.
    So I would like to aware the international community not to rescue them as they are the most powerful terrorists in the world . If so LTTE will be a greatest trouble from every side. They will kill people by using their suicide bombers . will make car bombs and will fix a bombs on public transport as they have incorrect mentality . So best way to deal with them is to be destroyed them to the core.

  29. 44 Marcel
    April 23, 2009 at 20:27

    so after the fighting ends who will bring the government to heel?

  30. 45 Samy
    April 23, 2009 at 22:15

    Civilians are fleeing Srilankan designated safe zone as they are bombarded by areial/artilary shells by state forces.Once they are out of the zone they are not going to say that they were there on their own accord as it might be enough for them to be imprisioned or bummped off.The Tamil diaspora might not have been to Srilanka recently but still in contact with people on the ground might it be Vanni,Jaffna or Colombo and they closely follow news about Srilanka reguarly.The president of Srilanka wanted the diaspora to came back and help rebuild the country and high commishner not too keen on diaspora Tamils being involved.We Tamils in the West are involed in sending remitances to our relatives and rebuilding work already and to ignore us might not be a good idea.

  31. 46 Mr & Mrs Sri
    April 23, 2009 at 22:17

    Hi BBC,
    Thank you for bringing our problems to the world. Where were you all medias hiding past those days? We are all crying inside every days and we are bringing our unforgettable and very very horrible problems to the world now. Please help our tamils in Srilanka immediately to save their lives. The genocide of tamils is going on in Vanni area and the other parts of our tamil areas too.They are dying every days by the war, no food; no shelter, they lost their houses and they spend their life in bunkers; no medicine and all the hospitals destroyed by the government . We lost more than 70,000 innocient civilions including small children within 2 years and we are very scared and we are going to loose rest of our innocient tamils. Now Within 3 days we lost more than 2500 people including small children.Please help us to end this war and make a ceasefire to save our tamils. We need to go back our country; we are all separated and most of them already died;We want to see atleast rest of our friends and families; We feel lonely here and nowadays it makes us worse and worse and we don’t know our families dead or alive. We belive and pray if we born again as a human being this situation won’t come to the next world. We had enough nightmares and its killing us every days.

    The government not allowing any one to our land. Please send all medias to our areas and you will find how far our people suffering from everthing. Then the world will find all our hidden problems. At the moment world belives what the government says, which is not true. Please you all the medias and journalists go to our tamil land and tell the truth to the world what’s happening our innocent tamil civilians. “PLEASE HELP TO END THE WAR” AND “WE WANT IMMEDIATE CEASEFIRE” Thank you.

  32. 47 TamilBhavz
    April 23, 2009 at 22:55

    There was one thing that caught my attention when i listened today, I do not agree with the way the LTTE used suicide bombings however as the tamils said if you dont have a military the size of SLA what else is there that you can do? Me im a English born Tamil, I have been raised to support the LTTE, I can tell you this much when you hear a Sri Lankan going there have been no protests in Colombo you start to feel angry because even idiots know if tamils protest they will be abducted, tortured and killed. How can the USA and UK get involved in Iraq where the government was doing the same thing as they are now doing in Sri Lanka someone please explain this to me. LTTE are the only ones that stood up and had enough of the racist views and actions of the majority, it doesnt take a genious to look through history to see the racism that has occured in Sri Lanka over the 70 years. There have been so many racist riots just to kill tamils.
    Gal Oya (1956)
    1958 riots (1958)
    1977 riots (1977)
    Jaffna library (1981)
    Black July (1983)
    Welikada (1983)
    Kalutara (1997)
    Bindunuwewa (2000)

    Think about all of this before you just brand the LTTE terrorist. Without the LTTE only God knows where tamils would be now.

  33. 48 Bert
    April 24, 2009 at 00:54

    The reason that the Sri Lankan civil war has not been a big item in the western press in a big way, for the past decades, is probably for the same reason that the situation in Cambodia (Khmer Rouge) in the late 1970s was not, or Tibet/China, Rwanda, Congo, or umpteen other conflicts going on as we speak. The reason is that the western nations don’t have a direct interest, i.e. economic, military, or political, in that part of the world.

    Also, unlike the Israel/Palestine situation, it must be emphasized that this a purely internal conflict. A bit like the Sunni vs Shiite problems still going on in Iraq, which ONLY make the news because some western powers very unwisely got involved in this stuff militarily. And are still paying the price for that.

    The correct position for western powers to take, IMO, is definitely not to get mired in yet another conflict, which would only make more enemies for the West. It’s always proper to voice outrage within the UN, against senseless killings. But it’s high time people quit asking for help from the West at the drop of a hat, only to vilify the West thereafter.

  34. 49 Dennis Junior
    April 24, 2009 at 06:39

    If the war ends, I am skeptical…But if it has ended..Then the peace process should come forward and start of rebuilding in Sri Lanka…

    ~Dennis Junior~

    • 50 Dennis Junior
      April 27, 2009 at 03:10

      What is going to take place: When both sides going to do, when the fighting in Sri Lanka ends for good….Without temporary truce fires….

      ~Dennis Junior~

  35. 51 Washburn
    April 24, 2009 at 06:54

    Tamil people’s voice?

    Can it be clearer than this? these people tell how RELIEVED they are to ESCAPE from the LTTE:

  36. 52 Akash
    April 24, 2009 at 07:09

    if tamils need their own country, they can ask from India. why Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is a tiny country, do u guys want to divide that country into even smaller pieces?

    So many people talk bullshit about the situation in sri lanka. talk with the people who were rescued from LTTE clutches. they will tell u whether they really need an eelam. they dont need an eelam. they say that they just want to live with no fear. Many people(including indian and other foreign politicians) are talking in favor of the LTTE, not in favor of the trapped innocent civilians.

  37. 53 dinesh
    April 24, 2009 at 07:16

    originally tamils didnt want a separate country. i mean tamils were not concerned about a separate country. originally even LTTE didnt want to fight this far. but, some THIRD party groups wanted to create problems in Sri Lanka. These are not my own ideas. All these information are available in wikipedia. if u search wikipedia with the correct keyword, you will get the proper webpage in one shot.

  38. 54 dinesh
    April 24, 2009 at 07:23

    most of the people who are talking about genocide in Sri Lanka dont even know the exact situation in Sri Lanka. At this point, we all should get together and help those tamil people who were rescued by Sri Lanka Army. Those people need food, shelter, clothes. If u guys can, please donate something for those tamil people in Sri Lanka. Those people are currently fed by the Sri Lankan Government, even though the SL government was blamed by the nonsense international community.

  39. 55 dinesh
    April 24, 2009 at 07:30

    and just one more thing……

    I’d like to say something about the term ‘Genocide’. These protesters are saying that SL government in committing genocide. What is the meaning of genocide?

    I dont think these tamil protesters have gone to Colombo. Colombo is run by mostly by Tamils and Muslims. Most of the high class businessmen in Colombo are Tamils and Muslims. I dont see any genocide in Sri Lanka. Tamil people who live in Colombo, dont even talk about genocide. They know that It’s totally rubbish.

  40. 56 Sri Lankan Sinhalease
    April 24, 2009 at 07:55

    To : Johanna Hariharan

    Sri lanka is a small place, there is no chance to divide
    there are not only tamils who live along, there are muslims, ex English/Dutch and Malaysians etc,, adding 20+ ethnic groups.

    There are few millions of Tamils in Torento ? so does this mean you need a seperate state in Canada as well ?

    Learn to live peacefully

    Unless you are smuggled in to USA, you are born to this world, immunized and educated using state funds, you owe to your mother country.

    The problem with you people is you guys are full of inferiority complex, so wherever you goes you think you are discriminated.

    If you want PEACE, you shall find if you want PIECE then too bad, find another country.

    By the way, it is unjust to support these terrorists to blow buses, ports and innocent civilians so have some concise, after all there is no place for BAD people.

  41. 57 Sri Lankan in UK
    April 24, 2009 at 08:29

    Being a Sri Lankan my self, and having some knowledge about this conflict, I believe that the current Sri Lankan government does believe that the ultimate solution to this problem needs to be political. However, they are not willing to accept the LTTE as the sole representatives of Tamils, and the government does not believe that the LTTE is sincere in their wishes for a political solution. Given how previous attempts at similar negotiations have ended in the past this is not too surprising. Hence the attempt to militarily defeat the LTTE before a true representative group of SL Tamils can discuss with the government on a political level to solve their grievances.

    Although it is hard to argue that there has been no discrimination against Tamils in SL by some previous governments (Pre 1980s), but it is now a much different situation. It is also important to note that there has never been hatred or any ethnic conflicts between the people itself. Anyhow the current government has taken many steps towards correcting mistakes done in the past, few examples of such steps include instating Tamil as a national language, introducing requirements for all new civil servants to be fluent in both Sinhalese and Tamil, and the president himself making the effort to learn Tamil, and even proceeding to make public speeches in Tamil.

    All in all it is now time to forget about the past and look at the future. I strongly do not believe that majority of Sinhalese in Sri Lanka dislike Tamils, or whether a majority of Tamils dislike the Sinhalese. For example currently people in the south (majority Sinhalese) are organising a huge relief mission for the Tamil Civilians escaping the war zone, and I believe this should go a long way in showing the world that there is no ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, but rather a fight against terrorism.

    Given all this, it is still extremely sad that so many lives have to be lost to achieve this, but it seems that the LTTE is forcing this loss of life with the hope of intervention from the International Community. However given their track-record in the past it would be surprising if it comes.

    All in all in my opinion the Sri Lankan government is trying to do the best in a very difficult situation.

  42. 58 swasthika
    April 24, 2009 at 08:39

    Nobody should listen to diaspora till they stop waving terrorist flag.

  43. 59 Danushitha
    April 24, 2009 at 09:47

    By reading all those comments what I understood is that people outside Sri Lanka has little knowledge about the true situation here in Sri Lanka. Some post seems generalizing the fact “war is bad” ,”trapped civilians are suffering”. The point is how could they claim such statements without knowing the true facts. Information got from international media are biased, mostly their reporting depends on their own agendas. For example you can see the difference how CNN is reporting war in Iraq and war in third world country like sri lanka. So allowing international media to cover the situation does not make any difference, they just report what they are reporting now that civilians are suffering and ceasefire should be established. You have to find independent source to educate yourself.

    The fact I am stressing is don’t comment on a situation without knowing the true facts.It is said “little knowledge is too dangerous”. So educate yourself to see the real picture.

  44. 60 Dinesh
    April 24, 2009 at 10:46

    Its a welcome development. Like aftershocks Srilanka may face a few attacks accross the country as some LTTE elements will be left accross the country.

    Why can’t Pakistan and other nations follow the same act to wipe out terrorism accros the world? They should welcome International help if required.

  45. April 24, 2009 at 10:50

    What I understand that UN and Indian are very worried about crushing the terrorist organization. Sounds like the Terorist sponsor are worried about their investment against sri-lanka. Its blunt to say that UN and Indian RAW backed by US govt are behind the LTTE to train and pumps billions of dollor. Why UN wants a democratic govt to negotiate with terrorist? In fact it’s a plan to give them escape and reorganize them strongly with better traning and equipment. Indian external ministry is working hard to speak to Sirlankan Govt to stop any action against terrorist organization.
    UN and India is using human sheild to protect terrorist. Srilank and its peaceful peoples has suffered alot because of this indian direct terror sponsorship in the region.
    UN and US are fully aware but they have created zionest policy to destablize the region by supporting indian terrorist organization aginst china.

  46. 62 Susanga
    April 24, 2009 at 12:15

    As a Sri Lankan, I have been experiencing this war since my birth. So I think I should have a good idea more than other nonsense. I believe that there were some problems faced by Tamils in the past. But now the situation is defferance. The current government treats Tamils in thier best. Don’t ask about that problem from others. Please ask about that rescued civilians from LTTE and Tamils in the Eastern Province rescued by the government. I think there are problems to neither Tamils nor Sinhalese as well Muslims. Only so-called international community has the problems. Please look at the Afganistan as well Iraq.About 650,000 have died in Iraq war. Where was the International community and UN in that problem? This people want to keep war here. Unless they can’t rob resources of this paradise and they can’t sell their wheopons. Even the medias like BBC help them to do so. So, please ask from the civilians faced that problem about real situation.And also as a Sri Lankan I kindly request from international community come and see the reality specially from Tamil people live in other contries, if you are realy interest in this problem and realy care about innecent Tamil people. Please understand how many problems that we have faced because of this war. Actually real war is not defeating the LTTE. The real war is facing this international influences. So, again I pray from you don,t create bad ideas about the Sri Lanka, if you realy love it.

    • 63 Nirmalan-Nathan
      April 25, 2009 at 06:54


      Sri Lanka does not need anyone’s help for bad ideas it does very well by itself on that department ever since independance. The sad thing is the citizens of Sri Lanka have paid, still paying and most certainly will continue to pay a heavy price for it.

      Please don’t go running to the international community for money for every bad idea and their consequences.

    • 64 K.BALA
      April 26, 2009 at 18:29

      the situation now is the worst ,a tamil cannot even get a job in colombo,just because he is a tamil born in the north and the east.all university studies in the north and east are being disrupted.what else a dis affected people,displaced people every one of them lost their loved ones.they are not all work for L.T.T.E and always blame L.T.T.E and killed civilians in scores is the work of the Govt.unlike Taleban or Al qaeda L.T.T.E is fighting for the cause like I.R.A or the A.N.C and if those who have to offer the solution are not willing to do anything then fighting will continue even after all the sufferings in all tamil areas.tamils are fed up of the sinhala govt,only the west has to interfere to solve this genocide.

  47. 65 sat, India
    April 24, 2009 at 12:40

    LTTE terrorist and Srilankan government chauvinist must be equally blamed for the humanitarian crisis going on in Srilanka now. Its innocent tamils who were/will died/die for self centered LTTE leader. I don’t think this crisis will come to an end until the srilankan government recognizes that tamils are also part and parcel of their citizens and devolve political power to tamil dominated areas. At same time, tamils should live along with Sinhalese majority. In India, there are lots of stupid political protests or strikes going on for vote bank in the upcoming elections in Tamil Nadu. This state of India is right now in deep chaotic situation because of what’s happening in Srilanka. I pray to GOD to end this crisis soon.

  48. 66 thiyagarajah
    April 24, 2009 at 13:22

    We don’t have anymore tears to cry. A mass slaughter of civilians being taken place and everyone knows it. I feel the UN, International Communities and the entire world leading media like BBC signal this civilian carnage. Media is a powerful weapon. I don’t have any more hope on this media that will help to prevent civilian carnage anymore. I need a strong steel heart to listen or watch the people in the war zone and their untold humiliation and suffering. My wife manages to lessen this disheartening news from our home land by tearing off but I could not able to find a way to lessen my sadness. I feel my heart is crashed on a stone when getting the eye witness news from Sri Lanka. I’m becoming a mentally ailing person.

    Please read this article below to understand the brief summary of this ethnic conflict


  49. 67 thiyagarajah
    April 24, 2009 at 13:23

    We don’t have anymore tears to cry. A mass slaughter of civilians
    being taken place and everyone knows it. I feel the UN, International
    Communities and the entire world leading media like BBC signal this
    civilian carnage. Media is a powerful weapon. I don’t have any more
    hope on this media that will help to prevent civilian carnage anymore.
    I need a strong steel heart to listen or watch the people in the war
    zone and their untold humiliation and suffering. My wife manages to
    lessen this disheartening news from our home land by tearing off but I
    could not able to find a way to lessen my sadness. I feel my heart is
    crashed on a stone when getting the eye witness news from Sri Lanka.
    I’m becoming a mentally ailing person.

  50. 68 Robert Sainsbury
    April 24, 2009 at 13:48

    When south africa was under white rule, Nelson Mandela was accused as a terrorist when he was fighting for the rights of the black people. Many countries including USA listed him as a terrorist.

    • 69 James Dean
      April 27, 2009 at 16:41

      The difference is, neither Nelson Mandela nor his ANC massecred innocent civilians in cold blood or assassinate heads of state and other ministers.

      I would also like to know why the UN or the US didn’t put the same pressure on Israeli government when they bombarded the Gaza strip killing more than 300 children?

  51. 70 DinkaAliap Chawul-kampala
    April 24, 2009 at 14:33

    Sri Lankans government is making a very big mistakes by relying on military as a main tool of winning the decade long war.Here in Sudan the civil war start as 4 years much below(1983) that of Sri Lanka by which government used all resources to flash out the gorillas but the end up displacing civilians populations as well which turns they entire civilians populations against the govt that end in the failure of many governments by then after all it was solves through round table in Kenya since both the separatists rebels and the government had fail to quail each other militarily and it`s returns to our hands now as we are now waiting to vote in 2011 to decides for them whether to unite or split Sudan in two . So Sri Lankan government should uses a peaceful means in order to win the supports of civilians and avoids the exodus,killings,suffering and displacement of innocents Timos in the North.IF GOVERNMENT CONTINUE RELYING ON MILITARY THEN THEY RESULTS WILL BE MORE BOMBS AND LAWLESSNESS IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

  52. 71 Dennis Junior
    April 24, 2009 at 17:27

    I am hopeful that this will be the ending phrase of the Civil War in Sri Lanka….

    ~Dennis Junior~

  53. 73 Syed Hasan Turab
    April 24, 2009 at 17:50

    Tamil need there own state, infact majority of Tamal nation lives in India, why not Siri Lanka Government allow them to join the majority of there nation in India.
    From genoside point of view Indian Govt suppose to be charged & prosecuted in International Court of Law as body counts are available as evidance.
    Same way Khalistan movements & there sacrifices need to be investigated.
    Kashmir’s constant Genoside & crime against humanity histry suppose to be investigated by International Tribunal too.
    Finally this Indian Genoside Democratic Enterprise need to be shut down immediately.

  54. 74 Roshan Jayaratne
    April 24, 2009 at 21:02

    Dear WHYS,
    I belong to the majority sinhalese community and to be honest there is much hatred and racism towards to tamils in general in our sinhalese society, rooting from the old days, that Our government, representatives as well as senior budist monks included wants the tamil community to live like 2nd class citizens in srilanka, regrettably that attitude has produced Prabaharan to group and carry out attacks mainly on our soldiers and politicians.. eventhough he has create a lots of terror i must agree onbehalf of sinhalese community that he is a product of failures from our leaders.

    I believe this problem could have been solved very easily by a committed president of srilanka in the past just by looking at our neighbours..India a great example, but unfortunately it has come to a point that our people have been misled with toomuch lies from our government as its all our forces actions now killed many tamil civilians in the north than tigers themselves, we failed to allow the international media as well as helping organizations like UN,WFP etc & its all brought our country bad name because the government has acted worse than a terrorist outfit. the tamil protesters do make a point, it has been forgotten problem.

    people like me wants all sinhalese,tamils and muslims to live peacefully in the beautiful country srilanka, we need to change the approach or we dont see this fighting to end anywhere near, and i want my sinhalese fellow friends wrote in this forum must realize that with force we cannot achieve peace and i fear all those recent activites by the army will even bring more support to the ltte, therefore we will run in to more and more problems in future.

    I want to say sorry to the tamils onbehalf of sinhalese people and invite all to work towards a peaceful srilanka.

  55. April 25, 2009 at 09:32

    if a tamil wishes to blow others and him/her self in colombo,it seems either can do so.if upto now the srilankan government has not yet gotten a clue of where the tamil tigers light aircrafts or their air strip is,then they will be striked back and that its obvious the government has been killing civilians whilst fooling strangers that the tigers are holding civilians as human shields.

    tambua village(TV),

  56. 76 eugene lau
    April 25, 2009 at 12:36

    Winning the war after such a protracted civil-racial war is only the end of the beginning. How the Sri Lankan government re-engage the marginalized Tamil minority remains the biggest challenge.

    Without giving the Tamil an equal say in their shared homeland and future, the Singhalese will only experience a short respite in peace before a new generation of disenchanted Tamil youth rekindle the separatist notion via the military route again.

    • 77 James Dean
      April 27, 2009 at 16:58

      Tamils and Sinhalese people live side by side in perfect harmony in most parts of Sri Lanka. Both Tamils and Sinhalese do have equal say and enjoy the same rights. I would like someone to give some examples of how Tamils are marginalized in Sri Lanka?

  57. 78 derick
    April 25, 2009 at 15:31

    can u imagine, we the world in this century are still witnessing inhuman acts at such a massive level..
    look at srilanka. The tigers are using innocent humans as sheild for defence and the government is ignoring their sheild…that is why the srilankan government is restricting U.N and media, so that the government can coverup their strategy..this wont be the end of this long war..dirty war like this only produce more rebels

  58. 79 Samy
    April 25, 2009 at 22:21

    Comments here are a very good yardstick on the Srilankan issue as Sinhala people will be supporting the Government of Srilanka and Tamils are against it. Uniting all sections of Srilankans will be a mamuth task and no atempt at all has been made on this rather GOSL doing their best to devide people.The war might be bringing Sinhala people together by natinalism and patoritsm but it has not included the Tamils. Any body from North East of Srilanka would have come a cross victimisation in the hands of Srilankan government/forces just for being a Tamil,my self was locked up for week as I was not old enough to have an I.D card and too tall for a Srilankan may be.Tamils are speaking of their/loved ones experiances but the sinhala people are going by government’s propaganda.There are no PEACENIKS in Srilanka like in Isreal even the opposition party that brokerd ceasefire in 2002 support this war!!, cos they know speaking against it will cost them dearly at the elcetions.The diaspora Tamils will be helping to rebuild the lives of their loved ones through accountable charities rather than GOSL.

  59. April 25, 2009 at 23:03

    With its ruthless put down of the Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka may have destroyed its relations with the West.

  60. 81 Ranjith
    April 26, 2009 at 07:08

    ha..ha.. The new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now speaks, for the “Entire World” Wonder where this “Entire World” was when Sri Lankan cities,& our Central bank was bombed, and when scores of sucide asssinations were mounted by the so called LTTE. It is high time the Secretary who seems to be self appointed for the “Entire World” Shut Up for a while until GOSL (Govt. of Sri Lanka)finish this issue now. In the eyes of the US, when Israel was bombing Gaza…where was this so called “Entire World” ??? Typical Double Standards of the Western World…..!!!

  61. 83 K One
    April 27, 2009 at 08:03

    Under ordinary conditions, we would expect to hold a government force to a higher standard than a rebel force. However, the situation in Sri Lanka is unique. If the Tamil Tigers were holding civilians hostage, or even a single civilian hostage, the government is supposed to do all they can to save them. In its analysis, BBC News concludes:

    “There is complete disparity of information and a lot of hatred in Sri Lankan society that will be difficult to heal.”

    The New York Times does not see an imminent solution to the overall issue, even if the government manages to take control of all territories, saying:  

    “And even if the Tamil Tigers lose all their territory, they are likely to retain the capacity to unleash terrorist attacks.”

    Thus, regardless of which way this situation unfolds, the future looks bleak at least for the short term.

    @Rajnith, just because other governments have been committing crimes does not mean that it is OK for Sri Lanka to do the same… against its own citizens.

    @Nirmalan-Nathan sadly that seems to be the way we are headed to. Peace is ever so elusive.

  62. 84 kanvees
    April 27, 2009 at 08:38

    is sad what happening in srillankanka-srilankagovernmen is important they undusdand that the world is watching what is happening in there countries-killing people inocent people-thus because they are minoririty is something bad the government must tell the world what they intend to domouving all these people from there home -a war at such a time where the world is facing financial crisis government of all over the world are fighting wiht number how to consolidate there economy-find ways and means to safe people to lose job bad days are comming-the government of srilanka instead going throught war -what an irresponcible government -the world is watching his move-the head of state must be concious responsible and of course pay the price of his action- people have only one life why take life from others- if choose as head of a state is u duty to be reasponsible- to care for u people- bring piece be partial-and i give a good image of u country to the world-give a good image for r the people of u country-we are condemp to die this is certain – no one have the right to take the lifeof other-the one who did it are call criminal-i dont think t a son or dauthter would liketo call his father a criminal-people who associate thamwith crime are also criminal-stop killing inocean people live in peace-find solutoin – i do think england have agreat role in achieving that srilanka was a colony of england-india also must be veryconcern with such situation-hope soon a solution will be found and stopi the genocide insrilanka

  63. 85 nana adonteng
    April 27, 2009 at 16:18

    why are we so worried,about helping people who don’t want our help in the first place.there are place that can use are help,and resources like Afghanistan,and Pakistan.so people focus here.

  64. 86 Joe
    April 29, 2009 at 17:14

    On Sri Lankan TV the tamil tigers’ intepretor has been talking about his surrender and the reason for this. It’s completely unnecessary to wipe out innocent people and civilians. I find it rather annoying that there’s been no other choice but violence against them.
    However, we all know of how everyone is protesting in UK, Germany, France etc. for this to stop. But I’d really wish people would flag the colour white rather than all of the tamil tigers’ flags and etc. It’s now been prooved and this has been broadcast as well how the Tamil Tigers have kept civilians in cages and if any ought to escape these poor people have been shot down. AND BY WHO??? BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ALL OF THESE PROTESTERS ARE BEING PROUD OF SUPPORTING!!!
    Now, I do believe that the tamil tigers have a large play in this protest, also I generally believe people are being completely and utterly brainwashed… Who supports a thyran? The tamil tigers aren’t any better than the Sri Lankan military, so please people, WEAR WHITE! GET RID OF THOSE TIGERS. If anyone is to doubt the intepretor they should definitely watch the interview.

    So yes, if people want to fight in the name of tamil tigers the british government along with UN and all other organisations should not cooperate.

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