Down Mexico Way

_40987660_mexcity_apWe’re live from Mexico City on Monday, before the team moves on to Indiana at the end of the week.

My colleagues Alicia (from the World Today ) and Ben (from Newshour) are – as i write this- in the air and on their way to the Mexican capital to prepare for the show.

They- with the help of our correspondent there Steve Gibbs and his colleague Sarah -have put together a great cast of people for you to talk with and listen to.

On the agenda : well, drugs naturally….and before you shout about stereotypes, the people we spoke to wanted to talk about  it – one even referred to a “tide sweeping down to Mexico City”.

And the country’s President Calderon wants a region-wide response to the problem.  _42053682_calderon_ap_203b

What goes with it is crime, and therefore people  fearing for their own safety. Here’s what one person told us – who’s going to be on the programme..

I’ve been kidnapped twice, my car has been stolen once and I’ve been robbed in the street two times with a gun pointed at me — and I live in one of the safest parts of Mexico City.”

and this from another of our guests…

My cousin who lived in my home town Guerrero, which used to be a very peaceful place, worked hard enough to make a small fortune was kidnapped, owned 3 or 4 houses and run a construction business. Three weeks later he was shot and thrown away by a road . This is not a horror movie, it is the reality we mexicans have to face every day, especially if we watch Mexican news”

and who’s fault is it ? – another of our contributors says :

In my opinion we are all too blame. The government has just begun doing what they are supposed to in terms of enforcing the law and actively and effectively prosecuting crimes and illegal activities. Political forces have not done their job of looking after the national interests and instead have been trying to preserve their privileges and benefits.”

So if you’re in Mexico City on Monday and want to take part, let me know. And if you have a question for our guests , it’s the same deal.










3 Responses to “Down Mexico Way”

  1. 1 gary
    April 22, 2009 at 16:41

    The power of tens of billions of dollars is considerable. I think one might find the influence not confined to the boarder states; but perfectly at home in Washington. The recent economic fiascoes suggest tracing the cash flow would present difficulties, however.

  2. 2 Luci Smith
    April 22, 2009 at 19:41

    Columbian Drugs throught Mexico to Italy and Europe was a front page story on the Dallas Morning News on April 21st. Despite not thinking that the Mafia was involved, they are.
    In Copenhagen, Denmark, the Motorcycle gangs are killing other groups on the street because they all are trying to corner the market on these drugs. Either from South America or maybe Afghanistan/Pakistan.
    How do we stop it?

    I am tired of going to clubs with idiots on coke. Tired of the stupid guy upstairs who abuses drugs and steroids to be able to work 6 or 7 days a week as a builder. Tired of people killing each others in the streets of Copenhagen.
    I know it is worse in Mexico. How do we stop this crap that is ruining our society?

  3. 3 Dennis Junior
    April 27, 2009 at 03:19

    i hope that the team had a done a superb job so far on the story from mexico…changing course in mid-stream…..

    ~Dennis Junior~

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