Talking Points: 7 April 2009

15 years on: Rwanda still an open wound?

15 years ago the genocide in Rwanda had started and since then,  millions of Tutsis and moderate Hutus have been killed. In this article, Ellis Cose writes about his recent trip to Rwanda and speaks to people there about their painful memories and aspirations to a better future.

The Rwandan ambassador to Tanzania is quoted in this article saying that there is now no crisis in Rwanda. Yet Rwanda remains to be one of the most impoverished African nations.

But why is this being allowed to happen? Why are some governments like Zimbabwe getting constant warnings from the West to reform and others like the Rwandan government are being allowed to go under the radar? Is the world too soft on the Rwandan government?


Two young brothers10 and 11 are being held by police in Edlington, South Yorkshire,in an incident were two other boys have been brutally assaulted. The Edlington brothers have lived in the village for three weeks and according to residents have managed to terrorize a number of the children there, throwing bricks at cars, swearing at adults and threatening and robbing children.

 In this article Professor David Wilson argues that he has yet to meet a child that is born evil and that violence is a result of being subjected to violent behavior. Do you agree?This blogger asks that question too; are come children just evil or are parents to blame?


Obama in Turkey: The US is not at war with Islam
Check reaction from Turkey in this article. What do you think. Just talk? Or an encouraging new stance?

7 Responses to “Talking Points: 7 April 2009”

  1. April 7, 2009 at 10:34

    All children are born the same if they are subjected to violence and hatred of course it will have an effect on them.

  2. April 7, 2009 at 11:49

    These questions must be answered by the west and the African Leaders,
    As the west keep watching people dying in Darfur, Zimbabwe and other countries in Asia, while they can not do any thing to stop these kinds of behaviors.
    The some with African Leaders, they don’t care what warnings coming from the west, because they have got no any lesson from west, like Arabs use to get lessons from the west.

  3. April 7, 2009 at 12:33

    When I saw countless of human skulls on the internet relating to the Rwandan genocide I just felt that there are no more people living in Rwanda. Looking at the drastic reduction in their population since fifteen years ago, why must life be so difficult for Rwandans? Or is it that the killed ones are revenging spiritually? as it is clearly said that innocent blood must not be shed.

    As for the terroristic act of the two brothers in Edlington, I can partly blame the parents/guardians because they are still and should be under parental/guardian care as they are still under age.

    Obama’s visit to Turkey clearly indicates his innaugural promise of uniting the world as one. “We are all one, Black or White” as he said. But if I may ask, why must the US be in war with Islam?

  4. 4 VictorK
    April 7, 2009 at 12:38

    ‘Is the world too soft on the Rwandan government.’ Sorry to break it to you, but ‘the world’ couldn’t care less about Rwanda. This isn’t really much of an issue. And aren’t almost all African countries impoverished? So what if Rwanda has a slightly bigger slice of the poverty pie? On the other hand, ‘Why is Africa poor’ – might be worth discussing.

    Re the criminal kids. As you know very well, the New Labour government has introduced laws that make it an offence for parents to physically discipline their children, is opposed to any kind of corporal punishment in schools, and is generally zealous for ‘children’s rights’, which have the effect of destroying parental and every other kind of authority exercised over children. In the circumstances it’s just a litlle bit cheeky to ask, with a straight face, if the parents are to blame.

    As usual Obama misses the point: of course the US is not at war with Islam; but Islam – as a matter or 1400 year old orthodox doctrine – is at war with the non-Muslim world.

  5. 5 Jennifer
    April 7, 2009 at 12:46

    Evil kids:

    I have known a few kids that were terrors but none were evil. I think it does have alot to do with their parents and also the environments that they are born into and raised in.

    At War with Islam:

    You bet I am at war with a religion that would make me a second class citizen; someone’s property. I think all of the problems with the middle east stem from islam and the fact that those who practice it do not progress with the times. Please keep allah away from me. Thanks! 😀

    The prezident speaks only for himself.

  6. April 7, 2009 at 18:32

    15 years ago, I believe the genocide brought a dark era in the history of Rwanda whereas Zimbabwe was doing good at the time. At present, I think Rwanda is doing more good towards promoting the living standard of her people as compare to Zimbabwe. However, not only Rwanda and Zimbabwe, almost all African Nations have got to work very hard in this 21 century to upgrade the living standard of their citizens. This key to achieving such dreams is through good governance, accountability, respect of rule of laws and so on….

    Are come children just evil or are parents to blame? Really, I believe that human by nature has got some evil characteristics. So I do not wish to blame parents for the behavior of the children today. I think the children have got their rights to live freely like all others. However, many children seem to be abusing or misusing their rights. Even though some parents wish and even gave pieces of advice to their children, but many children keep going their own way. So the problem is with the children to focus on their goal of succeeding in the near future instead. For some children the environment in which the put up partially affect how they do things.

    Obama in Turkey: “The US is not at war with Islam.”
    I believe Obama has started well thus far. All he needs not is cooperations from other head of states so that together we can confront the burning issues of our world. I also believe that it better to build bridges instead of building walls. I would like to give Obama performances a grade of “A” thus far.

  7. 7 Dennis Junior
    April 10, 2009 at 04:26

    Yes it is a still an open wound since it has many problems that were never fully healed…

    Edlington, South Yorkshire,

    are come children just evil or are parents to blame?
    I think that this is a VERY loaded question, from the research on these
    2 kids they are deemed trouble makers and they need to be immediately placed
    in care for psychiatric and psychological evaluations to seem they are “evil”….And, I think that there parents are somewhat to blame for there behaviour!!!!

    (They are presumed innocent until proven guilty)


    Obama in Turkey
    Just talk? Or an encouraging new stance?

    I think that it’s part talk and a taking on a new stance, following the previous administration….

    ~Dennis Junior~

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