Northern Ireland tomorrow, Africa today…

ni1 2 soldiers shot on Saturday, a policeman last nightNorthern Ireland’s troubles appear far from over. We’re going to be in Belfast tomorrow asking if, contrary to recent impressions, peace continues to be a fragile thing.

Is Northern Ireland staring into the abyss once again? Comments and questions below for tomorrow’s programme.

Today’s programme is coming from Tanzania for a special link up with Senegal and Zambia (and you) as the International Monetary Fund meets there to discuss the impact of the economic crisis on Africa. Read about her first impressions here. Her latest post is below.

The sneeze that the US has given out is in danger of turning into a full blown flu epidemic in my part of the world.

While Africa was trudging along posting above average solid growth figures for about 10 years in a row based not on hollow consumerism but firm direct private investment in infrastructure, someone on the east coast decided to take a loan he couldn’t afford to pay for that trip to Africa he couldnt afford, and as a result created venture capital to invest in Africa.

My role in this, of course is that I embraced McDonald’s, Apple, CocaCola, Nike, and other American brands in turn. I gave up tending my garden and minding my cows so I could sip that Milkshake from McDonalds or BurgerKing. I decided to be connected to the world market, and the moment I did this, I was never going to be immune from catching a cold. I must pay.

Daniel From Kampala

The rest of the WS team are blogging here at BBC Africa Slowdown, and you can hear special reports from Zambia and Senegal here.

3 Responses to “Northern Ireland tomorrow, Africa today…”

  1. 1 Dennis Junior
    March 10, 2009 at 16:51

    I hope that the team that is in Africa, is giving the stories, that correct time of energy and researching them for information…..

    Is Northern Ireland staring into the abyss once again?
    It pretty much looks like Northern Ireland is going towards the abyss once again, following the Antrim attacks and the killing of the Police Officer….

    -Dennis Junior

  2. March 11, 2009 at 08:35

    The IMF is part of the problem and certainly not a solution to Africas woes. In a continent where micro projects of 50-100US$ can change lives of communities, IMF consultants ( and UN and World Bank officials) travelling on 300-400US$ per day charges are quite ‘vulgar’. Would anyone please tell me what the Cost-to-Company (CTC) for a mid level consultant is – including allowances. I see them regularly in Business Class – staying at the Sheratons and 5 star hotels of the world – travelling to meet executives whos monthly salary does not exceed the daily ‘per diem’ of the consultant – let alone the airfare/logistics and allowances for travelling to ‘risk prone areas’. Similarly UNICEF and orther UN organs need to introspect.
    What is the budget of the UN and that of the IMF /World Bank for the Gambia? What is the cost of a single consultant? What is the Hotel allowance for a Consultant? For a country of 1.5 million inhabitants – Im sure the equation doesnt make any sense.
    This is not in criticism only of the UN and other agencies. It is so that we can find solutions to make their work more effective. In a PPP mode there is no dearth of local talent or experts in fields who will be more than willing to consult on a cost to cost basis.

  3. 3 Emile Barre
    March 14, 2009 at 13:16

    Sorry to be so stupid but why is this issue being discussed three times?

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