Talking points: KSM comes clean in the courtroom

This is what appears to have transpired at Guantanamo Bay yesterday when 5 suspects of the 911 attacks asked to be allowed to plead guilty before court proceedings had even begun. What do you make of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession?

Should he be granted the martyrdom he allegedly craves ? And what do you think should be done with the inmates of Camp Delta 1 (it’s high on the list of President elect Obama’s to-do list)? Five representatives of families who lost loved ones on 9/11 were present — we’ll try and get reaction from them today.

Do you do direct?

Watching this morning’s third night of riots in Greece it occurred to me that I’d never taken part in a protest nor riot in my life (excluding hassling a football referee for a bad decision at age 11). I can think of not a few pals who’ve done their fair share of sit-ins and banner waving who would criticise me for it.

Rioters in Athen's Central Syntagma Square

Have I missed out somehow . . . and does direct action work anyway?

As well as Greece (anti government and anti police – though some argue it’s just an excuse for violence), in the past week we’ve seen airport protests in Thailand (anti government) and England (anti airport expansion) . . . I’d be interested to know how many listeners have taken this sort of step and whether it achieved anything?

Where’s my bail-out?

Some car firms in the US are asking for $25bn to help them through the economic crisis. What about other industries — textiles, farming and lets not forget the beleagured media industry, I would think quite a few employees of the Chicago Tribune could do with a bail-out this morning. Why should the car industry get aid and not others? Do you feel the $25bn should go elsewhere?

What replica would you like built in your country?

A Bangladesh entrepreneur is building his own version of the Taj Mahal for $58m. Any edifices or famous landmarks you’d like to see where you live? Of course if you live in Las Vegas you already have the Luxor hotel

Global warming = global litigation

Sigh, yet more good news for the lawyers. Some are suggesting we are close to seeing companies sued for contributing to global warming.  I remember thinking about this when Katrina hit New Orleans and some suggested the actual weather system had happened because the US government hadn’t signed the Kyoto agreement. Whatever you think of this, the courts are a tried and tested way of effecting social change — not least in the USA — for those who don’t get it through the ballot box. I’m not sure I’d welcome this sort of development; would you?

A nobel aim

Tomorrow sees Martti Ahtisaari receive the Nobel Prize for Peace in Oslo. How the winner is chosen is highly secret but come February next year’s winner will be debated . . . of all the Nobel awards the Peace Prize is the most controversial . . .  who gets your vote for 2009?

The blog . . .

The WHYS blog design will hopefully be returning to its bright and breezy light colours very soon. Thanks to all who have pointed this out.

16 Responses to “Talking points: KSM comes clean in the courtroom”

  1. December 9, 2008 at 10:16

    Good morning WHYS team & listeners; in line with your global warming, we’ve been talking about the environment this morning…

    More than 400 mountain tops have been ‘removed’ in America so that power companies can get to the coal inside, which goes to providing half of America’s power:

    Meanwhile, Scotland’s targets to have half of its power come from renewable sources looks hazy as many say we should look to nuclear as a longer-term solution:

    Perhaps those companies who KNOWINGLY damage the environment, or don’t take active steps to use alternative methods could be challenged legally? There are so many options in modern society, and so many different ways of going about things than an active disruption to the environment is maybe unnecessary…??

    Rich Preston, BBC Scotland

  2. December 9, 2008 at 12:12

    Hi gang and a very special Happy Eid to all Muslim WHYSers, to my brothers and sisters in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Darfur, Somalia, and to all crushed and suffering humans anywhere on this planet… May happiness, peace, and harmony prevail over darkness, evil, and arrogance, Amen… In my opinion, if those fellows were proven to be involved in the nine eleventh terrorist attack by a FAIR and JUST trail, then they should be executed, it’s only fair when one murders innocent civilians on purpose… But I do hope and also pray that the American justice system and the American public would be that enthusiastic about imposing justice in case the murderer is American while his victims (who are innocent civilians) aren’t Americans… With my love… Yours forever, Lubna in Baghdad…

  3. 3 VictorK
    December 9, 2008 at 12:38

    “Should he be granted the martyrdom he allegedly craves.” It will be on this basis that the international left begin their campaign to stop any Guantanamo detainee being executed.

    ‘Martyrdom’ is meaningless and irrelevant in the context of a Western court/tribunal/commission. Whatever significance it has for ‘them’, it doesn’t matter in the slightest to ‘us’. It makes little sense to grant to the most anti-American Jihadi supporters an indirect veto on any decision to execute the detainees. Those who, if these criminals were executed, would regard them as martyrs currently regard them as great heroes of Islam. It’s fraudulent to suppose that things would be any worse for killing them (as they deserve), or that those who hate America and the West, and want to see as many Americans and Westerners dying in terrorist outrages, will abate their hatred by so much as an iota if a capital sentence were commuted to life.

    ‘Direct action’ (aka ‘anarchy’)is unjustified in a democracy, when it is tantamount to a minority forcing its will on a majority. And in the absence of democracy people dare not pursue it.

  4. December 9, 2008 at 13:42

    Oh… the blog, so light and cheerful today!

    I like what you’ve [re] done with the place 😉

  5. December 9, 2008 at 13:45

    Global warming = global litigation

    Oh bad bad bad bad bad idea….

    Tax them on emissions, but guess what, companies who contribute to Global Warming would not be in business if they had no customer base…. So then are those who consume their products also to blame?

    We are all to blame on this one. This seems like an idea to attempt to transfer the personal fault nearly all of us hold to ‘the man’ to make ourselves feel better.

  6. 6 VictorK
    December 9, 2008 at 14:32

    @Lubna: Iraqis need to take responsibility for themselves and their country, and not wallow in self-pity and victimhood.

    And the first step would be to make constructive proposals about putting to an end abuses that they see (or think they see).

    Isn’t the easiest way to stop Americans killing Iraqi civilians to insist, unambiguously, on a complete and immediate US withdrawal from Iraq, which is Iraq’s right as a sovereign state?

    Of course, that wouldn’t greatly help with the much larger problem of Iraqis shooting dead Iraqi civilians, but that’s the price of true independence.

  7. 7 Roberto
    December 9, 2008 at 14:34

    RE “” A Bangladesh entrepreneur is building his own version of the Taj Mahal for $58m. “”

    ———– Never ending supply of exploiters needing to fill the holes in their souls.

  8. December 9, 2008 at 15:04

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession shows he has nothing to lose. Admitting that he was behind 9/11 terrorist attacks means he will be seen as a hero by Al Qaeda sympathizers. His act will continue to be considered as “glorious” inflicting great damage on the “infidels”.

    As Al Qaeda is erroneous in its tactics and considering them the most righteous, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed desire for martyrdom can be materialized for him when executed. But this isn’t much of martyrdom. As I understand martyrdom is to die for a cause and not to kill and to ask to be killed. Al Qaeda cause has proven the deadliest in the 21st century. No one in his right mind will consider its action as heroic. Even bloody heroes ask to be face to face with their enemies and not to randomly select targets to quench their thirst for blood.

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed can also hang himself if he can in case he’s spared execution. The US justice shouldn’t be fooled by his claims. There should be hard evidence that he actually was THE or ONE of the masterminds of 9/11 attacks before passing any irrevocable judgement.

  9. 9 John in Salem
    December 9, 2008 at 15:08

    I think KLS is trying a legal tactic to bring him under the jurisdiction of US civilian courts where he can make use of protections against coerced confessions.

    I’ve done my share of protests since the 60’s and seen most of them turn into embarassing street parties where the point becomes an excuse.

    I made a bad choice a few years ago. Today my home is being foreclosed because of it and no one is going to bail me out for that choice.
    Every rational person on the planet has seen the writing on the wall for the last 50 years saying that the internal combustion engine was doomed, but when the US auto industry decided to stay the course the people who worked for them made the choice to stay with them and they don’t deserve a bailout for that bad choice any more than I do.
    They should instead give a few billion to the small companies that have successfully developed electric cars and help them buy out the Big 3.

  10. 10 Jennifer
    December 9, 2008 at 15:10

    Re: What do you make of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession? Should he be granted the martyrdom he allegedly craves ? And what do you think should be done with the inmates of Camp Delta 1.

    Why are these individuals considered the victims? When someone breaks the law and refuses to confess, interrogation has to be done. If that means torture in this case, I have no sympathy.

    Personally, I would advocate for KSM’s death. I would not call it “martyrdom” and I would hope that it would be extremely unpleasant in light of the lives he has taken. I won’t say more about that because it would not be very ladylike…..As for bringing terrorists here, I think that would be a huge mistake. That goes back to basics. I watch MSNBC lock-up sometimes. How many people can rally followers from the outside to do what they want done? These aren’t people who will layer drugs between layers of a greeting card or send someone obscene photos. These are individuals who are a very serious threat. Also, what would happen if there was a chance for them to escape? They would and then these individuals would be at large looking for all people with white skin to take them out.

    Re: The WHYS blog design will hopefully be returning to its bright and breezy light colours very soon. Thanks to all who have pointed this out.

    I like the white background so much better! The black was very hard to read. Thank you for changing back! 😀

  11. December 9, 2008 at 19:39

    KSM is patsie numero uno – for the 911 coup – the real point of your so-called investigative journalists at the BBC is to learn which of the patsies are still alive – there are many reports that about half of them are- and if any of the patsies could really do what’s been credited to them – but then that’s a bit much to ask – a BBC reporter is the one who broadcast that WTC 7 had collapsed roughly 30 min. before it actually did – sounds like your operation is run by MI5 and MI6

  12. 12 DENNIS
    December 9, 2008 at 20:27

    Re: The blog . . .

    The WHYS blog design will hopefully be returning to its bright and breezy light colours very soon. Thanks to all who have pointed this out.

    ~~It is nice, that BBC WHYS returned to this style…

  13. 13 DENNIS
    December 9, 2008 at 20:32

    Where’s my bail-out? i would like to get my bail-out….
    Why should the car industry get aid and not others? it is not fair…

    Do you feel the $25bn should go elsewhere? yes….for schools and roads and etc…
    [since, the health care system in the u.s. is in horrible shape…]

  14. 14 DENNIS
    December 9, 2008 at 20:33

    A nobel aim:::

    Congrats to Mr. Martti Ahtisaari …

    Enjoy your prize and continue doing the good work…

  15. 15 DENNIS
    December 9, 2008 at 20:36

    What do you make of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession?

    it was interesting, i would have like that the judge would have accepted the plea of GUILTY and, pronounced the decision of sentence…..

    but, it was civil protections in the united states judicial system that requires..that the judge–ordered KSM a psychiatric evaluation….

    which KSM will probably not participate in it, since, he wants to get this trial over with!

  16. 16 DENNIS
    December 9, 2008 at 20:38

    Do you do direct?
    ~~NO…Since, i have no need to protest; but, i support the people’s
    right to protest…

    What replica would you like built in your country?

    ~~i would like to have a las vegas replica in my state….

    Global warming = global litigation

    ~~that is a growing business and it has a lot of money!!!

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