WHYS in Glasgow update

For a week in June WHYS will be broadcasting from Scotland from the Civicus World Assembly, this year the theme is “Acting Together for a Just World”. The plan so far is to have a number of “guest producers” who will be young people attending the conference. They will come up with issues they think we should discuss on the programme and tell us who they want to hear from and then help fix the programme.

We’re also hoping to hear from some “big hitters” who will speaking at the conference. If you’re in Scotland and want to come along and be part of the WHYS audience or there’s an issue you think we should be talking about – let us know…..

2 Responses to “WHYS in Glasgow update”

  1. 1 Xie_Ming
    May 7, 2008 at 18:32


    There is a terrible ignorance among young people (and the not-so-young)
    concerning the meaning of the word “democracy”.

    One tends to parrot his indoctrination without any understanding at all.

    Thus, I would suggest “What is democracy?” as a quetion.

    Hint: It may also be interpreted as government “for the benefit of” the people, rather than “by the people”.

    Corollary: “Is government “by the people” at all possible?

    Clearly, if one is to “work together” for democracy, one should have a clear idea of what it is that one is working toward.

  2. 2 Dennis Young, Jr.
    May 8, 2008 at 20:56


    i hope that the shows for World Have Your Say in Glasgow go great 🙂

    Dennis~Madrid, United States of America

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