Talking points for 23 April

Good morning, although there are a few stories around this morning – and I’ll get to them in a bit – nothing grabs me as a huge talking point, so we’ll probably ask “Do Muslims treat women badly?” It’s already got you talking on the blog so it we should definitely get it on air.

As well as media (like us) picking up on the HRW report on Saudi Arabia, and the examples Ros listed in his post, the debate is on in Bangladesh. But for an interesting take on the HRW report have a read of Mary Dejevsky in The Independent, arguing that the newly prosperous Gulf states suggest women don’t want Western ways.

But to turn this around, are Muslim women badly treated in western society? This one in Sweden apparently was.

Today’s news includes Zimbabwe, where a op-ed piece in the state Herald newspaper has called for the SADC to mediate negotiations for a transitional government of national unity, which would require a paradigm shift from Zanu-PF, the MDC and the US/UK establishments, the latter chiefly being to “stop blocking Zimbabwe’s way forward”. Oh, and it would be led by President Mugabe. What do you think of that?

Meanwhile the partial recount has finished checking the first of 23 parliamentary contests and given the seat to the ruling Zanu-PF candidate, and the ship carrying Chinese weapons for Zimbabwe may be heading home. Do you want to predict how all this ends?

Of course the big story overnight has been Hillary Clinton’s double-digit win (a thrashing over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Party presidential primary. VoA calls the vote pivotal while The Daily Telegraph calls it decisive – although little I’ve read suggests it is either a turning point and nothing says anything has been decided. But that’s headlines for you. Anyway, the BBC says core supporters give Clinton the lead while The Associated Press points out that Obama is still struggling to win key constituencies and asks “Why can’t Barack Obama close the deal?” Do you know?

I guess that the big question for Democratic Party superdelegates is “does losing a state to Hillary in the primary mean Obama will lose to John McCain in the general election?” It’s a tough one – do you have an answer?

5 Responses to “Talking points for 23 April”

  1. April 23, 2008 at 13:21

    “does losing a state to Hillary in the primary mean Obama will lose to John McCain in the general election?”

    Not at all. She didn’t get my vote in the primaries and she won’t get it in the general election. If I have to waste my vote on Nader, then so be it. That is a risk which the Democratic party runs by utilizing the fluid and disconnected power of ‘super’ delegates

    Brett ~ Richmond, Va.

  2. 2 John in Salem
    April 23, 2008 at 14:32

    Hillary vs Barack –
    She didn’t win by enough of a margin to turn any tides.
    While money may not always be the deciding factor it still is a fair indication of support, and since Barack has raised twice as much as anyone else in history for a presidential race – and none of it from corporate donors – I’m betting on Barack.
    And even if I’m wrong, John (Bush III) McCain doesn’t have the numbers to win.

  3. 3 steve
    April 23, 2008 at 14:52

    Now that it’s closer, it will only get closer. Two massive egos trying to destroy her, the only victor will be Mccain.

  4. 4 john in Germany
    April 23, 2008 at 15:08

    Transitional Government of National Unity.

    Now we’ve heart it all, the man is does not care a damn about the Zimbabwean people, just about himself. Why dont the the western and sensible African POLITICIANS wake up and do something before its to late?????. We have all prophesied what was going to happen, some of us were more right than the others, but that was nothing to do with knowledge, but from where we are shooting from. And of course how much we can say ( where we are located).

    How the hell can the west block the forward travel of Zimbabwe, it has been in reverse for years, All overseas an inland accounts of all of the ruling persons and families should be FROZEN. until certified to contain only legally obtained monies, and deposits. All illegally obtained assets should be confiscated and returned under supervision of neutral authorities to the Zimbabwean people.

    The looser of the election should be made to retire if he can with dignity, or go into opposition in a clean and violence free way. Sorry how could i be so silly.

    Recently an old poor lady was accused of shop lifting, and was nearly sentenced.
    This man has ruined a whole country, robbed his own people, and no one has the guts to stop him, but no one. And those that want to, do not have the power to do so.

    What would have happened if they had obtained the 40 tons of armaments????.
    Every straight thinking person would be ill at the thought.

    Please wake up World, SORT THINGS OUT. 11-59 and still ticking.don’t listen to all of those neck saving ideas, they will be dropped like hot irons as soon as its thought no one is looking. And pistols wont save us at high noon, will they.

    Gods help the lot of us, we will need it quicker than we think.

    John in Germany

  5. 5 john in Germany
    April 23, 2008 at 15:12

    Sorry about the mistakes in the above. Just a little frustrated, and helpless.

    John in Germany.

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