Is it soon time for Hillary to quit?

With less than a week to go until the Pennsylvania primary, should Hillary Clinton be thinking about throwing the towel in some time soon in her race for the US presidency? Even if she wins Pennsylvania, she’ll still be behind Barack Obama in terms of popular vote, number of states won and crucially delegates.

Is her never say die attitude, to many people admirable, damaging the Democratic Party and aiding the Republicans? Should Pennsylvania be the final stand? Or is she right to fight to the end on something that is clearly a globally important battle. Millions of Americans have voted for her….does she owe it them, to stay in the race?

11 Responses to “Is it soon time for Hillary to quit?”

  1. April 15, 2008 at 16:45

    Hillary should have quit long ago. Her cries during the beginning of her demise about ‘just caring so much about the democratic party’ are showing a farce. She is aiding in it’s implosion and has been for a long time.
    Then again Clinton supporters will claim that Hillary should be president and Obama is destroying the party.

    Brett ~ Richmond, Va.

  2. 2 steve
    April 15, 2008 at 17:05

    Hillary will only leave kicking, screaming, and crying. Throwing a tantrum like a 5 year old. She’s a politician after all. The world revolves around her, and nothing will stop her from getting what she wants. If the moment ever came where she realized she won’t get what she feels like she entitled to do, the tantrum will get thrown, hopefully on television.

  3. 3 VictorK
    April 15, 2008 at 17:25

    Why throw in the towel when everything is still up for grabs?

    Barack Obama has been exposed as a fraud – Al Sharpton with a makeover – when it comes to his rhetoric about transcending race; who knows what other revelations may yet further damage his campaign? It seems that he was raised a Muslim, even though he claims to have always been a Christian. I expect that to become an issue at some point in the campaign, less because of his apparently having once been Muslim, but because of his economy with the truth about his religious history. The Clintons will use every imagineable dirty trick to bring Obama down, and why shouldn’t they when the stakes are so high?

    I don’t care for either Democratic candidate but it seems plain enough that Mrs Clinton is by far the more experienced candidate. Obama is a good public speaker and…errr, that’s it. No track record. No substance. No reason to risk the fate of the world’s leading state by placing it in the hands of a novice.

    Only those who think it more important to have a black candidate than to have the better candidate will want to see Mrs Clinton withdraw.

    She won’t, and come November she’ll be her party’s candidate.

  4. April 15, 2008 at 17:25

    She should realize that she herself is a phony. Crying over she cares too much over what is happening…..that she is careing that other people are not just bowing out and handing her the Presidency is the real joke.

    She just now started defending citizens who believe in the second amendment??? Yah , nice try at telling them anything she thinks they want to hear.

    I don’t trust her, because she thinks she is smart and that the American people can’t be trusted. She knows what is best for them and she intends to duup them, then be really strange.

    Thank God she is helping to ruin the Democratic party, which is so lost on even knowing right from wrong, that they make the Republicans look good.

    We need another party differnet from the other two.

    Hillary, just talks, and talks, but never says anything. Does life begin at conception? Her answer, I believe there is potential for life at conception. That is not the answer, yet she cannot get hammered for answering wrongly. What a cop out.


  5. April 15, 2008 at 18:00

    I do not care for the Republicans and Democrats. The Republican and Democratic Candidates have nothing to offer. The only hope is that the people of the United States of America realize that their hope lies with a Libertarian or Green Government.

  6. 6 selena
    April 15, 2008 at 18:28

    Hang in there, Hilliary! Messiahs are always exposed as having feet of clay, sooner or later. Maybe, just maybe, the exposure will come sooner and you will pick up the pieces.

    Now, having said that I am not that enamored of any of the candidates. They all leave much to be desired.

    The cool-aid factor is what makes me weary of Obama. I believe the world is infinitely better off without having to contend with mass hysteria, at this time in our history.

  7. 7 Will Rhodes
    April 15, 2008 at 18:34

    She has to do really well in this next primary, if she doesn’t get double figures in a win over Obama she can say goodbye to the super delegates. That will be the end of her campaign.

  8. 8 Casandra
    April 16, 2008 at 04:33

    Why should she quit? She hasn’t lost yet. Everyone hasn’t voted yet. I’m sick of early primary states deciding my candidate without me. Everyone should get a say and if you think that process takes to long, write to your local senator about our terrible primary system. My vote is actually going to count, for once, and how dare anyone suggest it isn’t important!


  9. 9 Thomas Murray
    April 16, 2008 at 21:44

    Hillary quit?

    Absolutely not.

    This question was posed on the Los Angeles Times website near the end of March.

    Oddly, out of 14,906 responses to LA Times poll, 49.5 percent voted that she should quit, while 50.5 percent said she should stay in.

    Given that I voted twice in the poll {[(ironically, you can’t see the results if you don’t take the poll)]} this is about dead even.

    Even Barack Obama wants her to stay.

    –Regards. Louisville, Kentucky, US.

  10. 10 David Malinda from Australia
    April 16, 2008 at 22:44

    For the sake of the party, for her own sake and for the sake of a jst world, Hillary should quit now but not tomorrow.

  11. 11 Jana Gigov
    May 24, 2008 at 18:52

    The taint of corruption surrounds this candidate from the days of white water, file gate, travel gate and poor vince foster.

    Why have people forgotten these scandals which tell more about character than anything else?

    Just wanting the presidency doesn’t mean you’re qualified. This candidate is driven by nothing but an insatiable hunger for personal power.

    She just sent a dangerous message with her Kennedy assassination remarks to tell some out there to take a bead on Obama.

    If there is an attempt not only is Hillary guilty of ordering a hit (shows what kind of judgment she has – do we want this on the world’s stage?) and how guilty the Democratic party is for not putting a stop to this campaign of desperation.

    The Republicans, of course, think this is all good for THEIR candidate.

    What special interests are served by allowing a loose cannon candidate to fragment the Democratic party?

    When will the Democratic party put an end to this and get on with the business of electing a president?

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