Stories for Monday 3 March

Good morning, how’s your week so far? It’s a little early to tell I guess, so how was your weekend? Dmitry Medvedev’s was as good as expected. It’s our top story, but is that news?

Slightly less predictable than the Russian presidential election are tomorrow’s Democratic Party primaries in Ohio and Texas (although some of what I read over the weekend sounded a lot like an obituary for Hillary Clinton’s campaign).

In the Middle East, most Israeli troops have pulled out of northern Gaza after days of fighting that left more than 100 people dead. International criticism has been widespread and Secretary of State Condoleezza is heading to the region. We know there are arguments to be had, but are there any new ones? Abdullah Iskandar argues in Al-Hayat that the US commitment to a Palestinian state by year-end requires more forveful action to end the violence by Secretary Rice.

Some Japanese whalers have been injured by protesters, which coming on the heels of the protest and the house of parliament and at Heathrow last week begs the question how far can you go to make a point? Is it OK to break the law if nobody gets hurt?

National security was a question raised after the London protests, but what about the US Air Force buying planes from Europe? The global economy in action or a serious threat to US security? (Either way, it’s probably a threat to US jobs – is that a more important consideration when the government is shopping?)

8 Responses to “Stories for Monday 3 March”

  1. 1 mahamed geeljire
    March 3, 2008 at 08:50

    dear bbc
    my name is mahamed geeljire live in hargeisa capital of somaliland,
    my comment to day is primary election democratic party.rival hillary and parac obama,parac obama will win ohio and texes,somali origin in u.s.a will support obama ,it first black origin.stand for election.and somali will support

    and saying obma win obama win
    geeljire ( somaliland)

  2. 2 ZK
    March 3, 2008 at 09:27

    Any chance there’ll be some discussion about Chávez’s latest aggression towards Colombia for something that didn’t even have to do with Venezuela? By calling the Farc rebel’s death ‘murder’ and sympathising with the Farc, Chávez has proven that he’s nothing more than a terrorist and sympathiser of the movement.

  3. 3 benjamin
    March 3, 2008 at 11:51

    hi bbc,

    I think hillary clinton is not fair when it comes to competition, she used personal data to weaken her opponent which envite people to become racist. If she is dirty doing like this at the moment, how dirty she would be running the american country if she will be the next president. At the beginning i thought it was good to see a lady president in the united states for the first time, but i was wrong because of her dirty technique.

  4. March 3, 2008 at 12:25

    What about a WHYS on the catastrophe that is called the German Education System? Intolerant of anything not state approved, home based education is forbidden and enforced by fines,imprisonment and loss of custody.
    Parents who try to ‘make a stand’ are hounded and persecuted to the point they flee the country.
    One ‘unregistered school’ in Bremen, successfully operating beneath the radar for 20 years was recently ‘busted’, forced to close down and a ‘fury of fines’ is in the pipeline.
    The German administration’s draconian stance is against the EU Children’s Right charter it signed and recommendations are ignored.
    Violence and bullying in schools is on the increase and the German PISA scores are on the decrease. So it would seem the brilliant system is dysfunctional.

    Even Slovenia allows homeschooling, very much on the increase in the UK and the States. As a parent it is a frightening situation and increasingly words like ‘fascist’ are being used in international circles to describe the situation,with comparisons made to the National Socialist regime of 1938, when the present laws governing education were ratified.

    Is it a good thing that the state control all aspects of education and deny any alternatives?
    Should parents be punished, bankrupted and imprisoned by the state for wishing an alternative to state controlled education?
    Should children be forced to partake in an obviously dysfunctional education system?

    Malc Dow

  5. 5 Tommaso Debenedetti
    March 3, 2008 at 13:51

    It’s the first time for Russia: two leaders are now at the top. Since the tzar’s periode, and during the Soviet era, and during peretztrojka’s period, and during the Eltsin and Putin era, the leader in Russia was only one man. Now, Medvedev and Putin are leaders. This new two-mens era at the Cremlin is a big opportunity for Europe and for the world. But in Russia the risk is terrible: is not sure that Medvedev and Putin will be friends in the next future. And if the conflict between President and Prime Minister will explose, for Russia will possible a catastrophic civil war.
    Tommaso Debenedetti
    Rome, Italy

  6. 6 George USA
    March 3, 2008 at 14:52

    Dimitry- no news there except Russian’s Putin is suppose to have 80% approval, and elections are rubber stamps

    Hillary- too power hungry to be trusted with power but look out- she does not care how she grabs it, more election fraud is likely

    Israel- if someone was rocketing your nation daily, you would of course chose to cease to exist to appease them, right?

    Is there something wrong with the reporting pretending the Hamaz is the victim?

    Japanese Whalers- if pretending rancid butter is victimizing whalers, Japan is studying the coverage of Hamaz rocketing Israel

    Air Force purchasing planes abroad- we don’t need those good paying jobs do we?

    US citizens can pay for others to build our planes from their jobs at Whataburger and Walmart.

  7. 7 steve
    March 3, 2008 at 15:29

    The only funny thing I can find out the Arab Israeli conflict is the actions of the left, to see how far they will go to justify terrorism. Basically for the lefties, they expect Israelis to just accept and take being shot at, and if Israel responds, lefties start whining “GENOCIDE!” apparently not knowing what the word means. A hint for the lefties, if you want your beloved Hamas terrorists to live, perhaps you should get them to stop attacking Israel? See, Israelis have more respect for their lives than jihadis have for theirs, so as much as you want Israelis to lay down and die, they won’t. So they are gonna hit the jihadis, and hit them hard. If you want your beloved Jihadis to not get killed, get them to stop attacking Israel. But you’d have nothing to whine aboout, so of course you won’t.

  8. 8 Rufaa SHEIKH
    March 3, 2008 at 16:50

    The recent bitter attacks of Senator Hillary Clinton on her younger rival contained elements of racial prejudice. It is implausible to argue Obama joined Islam by wearing traditional Somali attire. If anything the Former First Ladye enjoys tacit support from the media. Senator Obama is likely to make a landslide victory in this week’s Ohio and Texas primaries. He is imperturbable and arguably,the most anbitious person in the world.

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