It’s the economy…

As you will have read here today the World Service is exploring the issues thrown up the volatility in the world’s markets this week. We are, of course, joining in.

We want to look at how the market fluctations and uncertainties affect small shareholders around the world. On Tuesday’s programme we heard from Riyaz in India who had lost 2,000 dollars, but got a message from Chuka in Nigeria whose investments in his country’s banking sector were doing very nicely thank you. If you have investments let us know how they are doing, and if you are worried about them.

The politicians in Washington have agreed on a package of tax rebates to stimulate the US economy – does that set your mind at ease?

Now although we’ve decided what we’ll be talking about today, you can still send your thoughts and ideas to us because we’re always thinking about future programmes. If you’re in Ghana, don’t forget that Ros and Martin will be there next week (there was growing pile of bags in the corner of the office yesterday as Martin started packing) and would love to see you – so please drop Ros a line.

So some things to look out for: Saturday is the Democratic Party’s presidential primary in South Carolina, where the campaigning got nasty before politeness returned. The state could be make-or-break (or break-or-break?) for Barack Obama after consecutive defeats in New Hampshire and Nevada after his Iowa win. And the controversial Florida primary follows quickly on Tuesday…

And an aside – here’s an interesting listen courtesy of The New Yorker, where Steve Coll talks about Pakistan after Benazir Bhutto’s assassination.

6 Responses to “It’s the economy…”

  1. 1 John D. Anthony
    January 25, 2008 at 12:51

    Intelligent long-term investors don’t pay attention to flucuations in the market.

    Rebates help politicians, not the economy. Never have, never will.

    If you think the presidential race is nasty now, just wait…

    John in Salem

  2. 2 John D. Anthony
    January 25, 2008 at 13:40

    Here’s a suggestion for a future show~
    Scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute are going to be announcing they have created life from scratch, a technological breakthrough that will have an impact on the world on a par with splitting the atom but could potentially be far more dangerous.
    And that’s a show no one will want to miss.

  3. January 25, 2008 at 14:58

    the joke is the rebate will fill a yank tank [auto mobile] and buy a set of tyres ,wow thats going to move america along [in june]

    meanwhile the elite’s will get thier million dollar bonus ,and the stock brokers thier bonus, and the bankers thier bankfees [and the people well let them ]

    [try to live on past credit ,it wont pay the bills today]politrickians try to run on past records not ideas how to pay it all back tomorrow

    act like there is no tomorrow ,because tomorrow we just might have to pay [with intrest ] on the bonus the fat cats banked yesterday

  4. January 25, 2008 at 18:39

    What is the economy? As far as i am concerned, the economy is people. That being the case it follows therefore that-1. An unhealthy economy is unhealthy people. 2 If the economy goes into recession and then depression, it is the people that will go into recession and depression. I know of no greater threat of terrorism than that of not being able to put food on ones table and keep a roof over ones head. Will the leaders of this world sit by and not protect their economies(people)from this terrorist threat?. Huldah,Jamaica

  5. 5 John in Germany
    January 27, 2008 at 09:51

    Translating Its the economy, too its the greed.

    Nokia in Germany are closing a factory(Subventioned at over 40 million), because they find the production costs to high(labour costs) luckily we still have under developed countries even in Europe, they have already built a new factory in Rumania, with subvention monies from the EU.
    Subvention touring is the new game, look out Rumania in 20 years the same thing will happen to you.

    Over 2.000 workers plus employees in part delivery factories will loose their work.
    Families will be driven into near poverty, many father will commit suicide because they cannot support their families, and pay their mortgages. No one will starve because Germany is a developed country. the Irony is with England and France we pay the most monies into Europe. Which allows firms to pocker for the best subventions within Europe. Note: NOKIA announced record profits for 2007, including the results from Bochum(the German factory location)

    Sadly the German management of NOKIA played along. It is worth noting that the workers in NOKIA made concessions because of crocodile tears from the management, they are now getting their awards.

    Ok Shareholders you get the profit, but can you sleep at night with the thought of the social downfall of all of those workers, of course you can, you are only investing, and if you wanted to, you have nothing to say. or have you?.

    The managers are not interested in the factory work force, they see the next bonus around the corner. And lets face it even if they screw everything up, and even have to go, they still get a severance packet that could support thousands of hungry people in this world.

    Somehow i feel we are turning the clock backwards it used to be called imperialism. Global economy equals the right to put down what is already at the bottom, in all lands. Because it is using the workers as prawns in a heartless game.

    A suggestion. BBC how about a real investigation into Subvention tourism, dealing with developed lands. It would certainly put light into many dark corners.

    John in Germany

    Ps i have lived here now for a long time, but a big chunk of my heart is still in UK.
    And i hate being called ex-patriot, Cause` im not-See.

  6. January 27, 2008 at 14:46

    “The politicians in Washington have agreed on a package of tax rebates to stimulate the US economy – does that set your mind at ease?”

    No, definitely not. This is a quick fix package without consideration for the people or the future. It will achieve it’s purpose though – to pile more profits on big-business.

    Why not run a programme on the effects of a proper economic plan, like that proposed by the republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. More details from http://www.ronpaul2008.com/Prosperity – now this, in line with his changes on foreign policy would be a fascinating programme to watch.

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