Are you a small shareholder?

The BBC World Service is putting together a day of programmes exploring the issues thrown up the volatility in the world’s markets this week. Our colleague Ben Williams is in charge of the day and he’s looking to get in touch with people who own shares as part of a savings plan (as opposed to doing it to earn a living). If you are just that person and would like to take part on Friday, let me know.

1 Response to “Are you a small shareholder?”

  1. 1 Bryan in San Francisco
    January 24, 2008 at 20:42

    I have had a dollar-based (as opposed to share-based) stock savings plan for nearly three years. Not a big chunk of cash, just a little bit monthly. Over the past year I have switched entirely to international securities, which used to be deemed “highly risky.” Those stocks have performed much better than US-based stocks since I switched. Nevertheless, due to the weakening dollar, each month I am able to buy less and less securities in overseas shares and foreign “ETFs.” Still, I won’t switch back to US-based investments any time soon.

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