A Surprise win in New Hampshire and a curious debate on Revirgination…

Hi everybody it’s Karnie… 

Hillary Clinton wins New Hampshire’s primary..beating rival Barack Obama.  This makes the race for the US presidency “exciting and unpredictable”….On Monday she appeared close to tears as she talked about what public service meant to her.

She’s never publicly shown emotion to this extent before.  Has this made her more humane and personable?  Do tears work?  It certainly seemed to have an impact in New Hampshire..OR was this just simply, a rebellion by women voters against the media? 

This is indeeed a surprise win if we are following what the pollsters say..they predicted Obama would not win in Iowa and then predicted he would in New Hampshire…are the pollsters not getting it right?  Who do you trust?  Does this make you more encouraged to go out and vote when the candidate you have chosen is predicted to lose?

I saw this article in one of our National papers yesterday on Hymenoplasty or revirgination..Several people on the paper’s site have commented on the article. Many people seem to be spending lots of money on this..Here’s the link..what do you think?  Is this acceptable?

10 Responses to “A Surprise win in New Hampshire and a curious debate on Revirgination…”

  1. 1 Uzondu Esionye
    January 9, 2008 at 11:23

    The race is really unpredictable as we all witnessed. I think this also casts doubts over most of the pollsters over there. Emotions work at times, but not when one is running for the White House.Let her
    continue to come closer to her voters as she promised to do, and stop sharing tears.I do understand the joy of coming back anyway, because It was though times over the past week for her. Let’s see what is ahead for the come weeks.

  2. 2 Brett
    January 9, 2008 at 12:52

    After Hillary acting like a schoolyard bully through most of this race, she pulled out a bit of emotion to show the country that even a raging and obnoxious candidate has feelings too. Sadly enough though, it seemed to work a bit. I’m sure once her new emotional side begins to fail at getting her the numbers she needs, she’ll bring back the sass. It is quite amusing though to watch her personal attitudes and character change from appearance to appearance. We start with the fiery stubborn woman who wants to argue constantly and would rather talk trash about the other candidates than about ‘the issues’, then move to the woman who loses Iowa and wants to talk about unity amongst the democratic party (despite her previous role as the Queen of the democratic mudslingers), and when neither of these are bringing her in the numbers she needs, she gives the US just a touch of an ’emotional side’.
    Well played Hillary!

    It is sad however that a male candidate under similar circumstances would have most likely been seen as weak amongst Americans, where it seems a bit more socially acceptable for her to do it to gain ground on Obama.

    Then again, it could have been sincere…. But in my opinion, that is highly unlinkely.

    Brett ~ Richmond, Va.

  3. 3 George
    January 9, 2008 at 17:17

    Diebold rather than tears is the issue.

  4. 4 George
    January 9, 2008 at 17:18

    Who do you trust?

    Certainly not Diebold.

  5. 5 George
    January 9, 2008 at 17:33

    Tears do not work, Diebold does.

    At least the folk in Kenya went to the streets over a fake election result.

  6. 6 Amber
    January 9, 2008 at 18:40

    I’m sorry, but why do we care about polls? Are we all so obsessed with instant gratification that we can’t wait two days to find out who is going to win in a state. As we have seen polls do not have any sway or weight, I say do away with the polls and we can do away with all of this ridiculous media coverage.

  7. 7 Greg (Portland, OR)
    January 9, 2008 at 23:15

    To answer Amber’s question, “Why do we care about polls?,” I think some people care because poll numbers allow them to feel like they are members of a larger group with the same opinion.
    But I think media care about polls because they create a story to sell to consumers where one really doesn’t exist. Poll numbers are not really facts by themselves–such as voting results–they are only predictions with margins of error.
    Now the media think they have a year-long gravy train where polls about upcoming primaries and the overall national US elections will suck in consumers to the 24-hour news cycle even more. I for one would rather wait a few more hours or days and get real, factual news about who won rather than media conjecture.

  8. January 11, 2008 at 01:03

    Political justice, it is new term never has been used by any quarter because it is impossible practically.

    what have done by democrates or republicans put this debate aside.

    personalities play a role some time,what have done Bush’s party?aet ablaze whole world.Lacs of innocent people have been killed. They committed no crime.Killing of inncent is also against the teaching of Jesus also.

    voters of hampshire did well.The are deserv my admiration.Their election was too good.

    as for as Hillary is concerned i expect as president of the States will play remarkable role. i am sure thw world will see peace because she is woman have mercyfull heart never make her hands red with the blood of innocent people especially belonged to poor countries.

  9. January 12, 2008 at 16:16

    After due cosideration,i come to the conclusion that success in Hampshire primery was now a uphill task for Hillary she is really a next president of the United States of America.

    The next policies of the states are exposed by her speeches being made in meetings held on different places.

    She is a experienced politition and has credibility to face the circumstances existed in different part of the world.

    I am sure, under her rule,the world will see dureable peace in the Middle East Iraq Afghanistan and some areas in Pakistan.

    As for as obama is concerned, he is talking about sending forces to pakistan’s trouble area directely without any prior permission.No doubt, he is a war minded figureand if elect American people never see the face of their war heros because he never call them back.

    Hillary is a sensable,experienced paragon and have mercyfull heart not ugly-faced figure with madness of bloodshed.

    At the end,I would like to appeal to American people cats their vote in favour of her.She will bring peace
    in the world that is good for everyone.

  10. January 12, 2008 at 21:06

    A crucial stage has come
    American people must decide that who has a unique credibility to rule over the strobgest democracy in the world,Hillary or any other.
    It require unique wisdom.

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