Changing America..Or Change IN America…call it what you may..

Hi everybody, it’s Karnie… 

As US presidential hopefuls move to New Hampshire, the word CHANGE will probably be used most frequently.   According to political observers it’s the one word that has been “over-used” in this presidential campaign.  BUT..What does change mean? Is it moving on from Iraq for example? Or is an empty word? What is the one thing you would change or would like to see changed in the United States?

Here’s another story about politicians..but are we right  to be scrutinising this one?  The French President holds a press briefing today in Paris…whilst Nicolas Sarkozy is expected to tackle head-on all the big issues of the day : the economy, unemployment, labour reforms..one of the main topics that has drawn a crowd is the news that he is to marry his girlfriend, the former model Carla Bruni, on 9 February – but criticism surrounds the whirlwind, high-profile romance.

Do we really need to know every detail of the lives of our politicians?   Why are we so interested in their very personal lives?  And should we be?  Does it REALLY matter?

Another story that’s caught my eye…Sri Lanka’s minister for nation-building, DM Dassanayake, has died in hospital, following a roadside blast near the capital, that’s according to doctors. In recent months, fighting between troops and rebels has worsened. The Norwegian-brokered ceasefire began breaking down two years ago, resulting in renewed fighting that has killed more than 5,000 people.

 And…100,000 tonnes of rubbish piled up in the streets of the southern city of Naples! Not the imagined image of “picturesque” Italy.  As the country deals with it’s escalating problem of waste I am curious to know whether this is just a  reflection on one of the biggest problems of our day? What is the world to do with the the accumulation of tons and tons of waste? 

11 Responses to “Changing America..Or Change IN America…call it what you may..”

  1. 1 Nohammed Ali
    January 8, 2008 at 11:25

    Any way one chooses to called it is up to you, but one thing I am positively sure about is that this election will bring some sense of change in the USA. This fact stands whether Obama or Clinton wins or not. I’m personally beginning to like America for the fact that they people of all colors and sex to ascend to the hem of power in the US. This cannot happen in any of the European countries.

  2. 2 Steven
    January 8, 2008 at 13:09

    I would like to think that we (the U.S.) would be more careful about taking military action aroud the world. We have seen the catastrophic effects of our unwarranted invasion of Iraq.

  3. 3 Brett
    January 8, 2008 at 13:39

    Wow, what a great topic!

    Where does one start though in regards to change away from the Bush Regime?

    Changes I would like to see in the next Administration include:

    -A complete overhaul in the big-brother mentality of foreign policy that the US currently asserts over other nations. As a civilized, developed nation we need to act like one. Forcing countries to do what we want through military means, violence, or even the deployment of mass amounts of troops to an area or region to ‘scare’ nations into submission does not set a good example for the rest of the world to follow. The biggest and most important change is PEACE. Once this is achieved, I believe many other things will fall in line. The billions upon billions spent on the ‘defense budget’ (more correctly it should be termed ‘aggression budget’) will undoubtedly be partially freed up and the money (hopefully) better spent on public works and things such as education, urban revitilization programs, health care, etc. Its not that the country does not have the money to address large scale domestic social, political, and economic issues, its that the money is being spent elsewhere, thrown away on the ‘War Against Terror’.

    -Along with the above change, I would like to see less of a dictatorship and more of a presidency. I believe Bush, Dick, Ms. Rice, and the rest of the administration have completely dismantled and blown apart the younger generations idea of what a democracy stands for and how it should function. Everything from the ‘patriot’ Act which is one of the most unpatriotic forms of legislation I think i have ever seen, to the blatant lies and use of 9/11 and its call for nationalism that lead to the US invasion of Iraq. I AM TIRED OF BEING LIED TO! As I am sure the rest of the American public is. It is beyond me how Bush has gotten away with so much without being impeached.

    -I would like to see environmental policy change. I am sick of Bush’s inability to commit to environmental policy and make change. We are using the rest of the developing world (namely China and India) as an excuse, when we should be setting an example and even raising the bar to not only combat climate change but fund programs for alternative sources of energy instead of scaremongering that any environmental policy is Anti-Americal and will put an end to the American way of life. I would also like to see more policy enacted towards car manufacturers to not only increase MPG in future automobiles but more importantly increase the amount of solar/electric cars on the road. Electric cars have been used before with great success, but they were pulled off of the road for no apparent reason (See “Who Killed The Electric Car”). I would also like to see more funding for ‘green’ items such as greater tax breaks for solar enegery in homes to make systems like these more affordable.

    – I would like to see a president who cares about the American People and takes their opinion and concerns into account. Bush’s tactics of being a wild renegade and doing whatever he pleases need to stop.

    I can go on and on and perhaps I will post more later this afternoon, but for now I will leave this at things I would like to see changed:
    *Environmental Policy
    *An end to American Imperialism and aggression
    *An honest president who does not spew lies as every other word (and I think I am being generous here) that comes out of his mouth.
    *More money spent domestically to solve current issues such as poverty, education, public works, the economy, etc.

    I think some of the above though conflicts with the Americal Lifestyle of consumerism, waste, and getting what you want when you want it. I can only hope that others will make a smooth transition in the environmental and foreign policy end realising that they may have to drive less, or smaller vehicles, and be a bit more conservative with electricity and their waste in general. I myself, am ready for change!

    Brett ~ Richmond, Va.

  4. 4 Virginia Davis
    January 8, 2008 at 13:47

    “I have heard many years of telling
    and many years should see some change.”

    “The ball I threw while playing in the park
    has not yet reached the ground.”

    The last four lines in the Dylan Thomas’ poem “Should Lanterns Shine.”

    Will there be an independent third candidate? Mayor Bloomburg of New York City? Will there be a change in the way Americans tax themselves? Will we finally have a national health care system? Will the disparity in wealth begin to regain a more realistic balance so that lower and middle class people can afford a decent life?
    Will there be more families? Or more single parents? Will the layers and layers of public servants continue to clean house until there are enough to provide the services government is responsible for and all the “bad apples” have been gotten rid of? Will Americans grow their own food locally and organically?

    Will we join the world in facing climate change? Will we have a foreign policy which moves us all toward eventual peace? Will the international military/industrial complex wither away?

    Will we join the world in bringing about an end to disease? And that there be water and food enough, and education and medical care enough for all the people who are here and who will be here?

    I don’t know the answers. I do know that either America finds the path back to democracy, instead of the oligarchy we are now, or we will not be seeking, nor will we find, the dream that Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of.

    And this time in the beginning of this election year will not be, as Barack Obama called it: “a defining moment in history.”

    Virginia in Portland, Oregon

  5. January 8, 2008 at 14:43

    I usually have lots to say about a topic such as, “how the U.S. needs to change.” The “how” can be broken down to few adjustment areas. First, the politicians that represent us internationally need to stop acting as if all Americans feel that we are spoiled child kings who deserve to be heirs to kingdom of the world. Approaching the world governments and their citizens as if the rights and beliefs we consider to be inalienable extend to all humans. Recognition that a few people do not represent entire society.

    Domestically, the US needs to stop policies that promote the disparity between the wealthiest and the poorest of us. Requiring a billion dollars to become president is not acceptable. The voice of average America has been subdued by special interest and lobbyist. Policies need to be adjusted to reflect a more level field of opportunity for a greater majority.

    Fiscally the budget needs to get back in control. Both the government and Americans need to spot spending money like it has and endless supply. We are no longer the only economy. As a matter of fact, we are no longer the dominate economy. We need to get back to the basics. A redefinition of government responsibilities is required. Only when those responsibilities are met can we consider extra curricular expenses.

    Lastly, political hypocrisy needs to be stopped. If the US is going to claim a Christian morality based society, then we need to act like it. A tolerant, forgiving, non-judgmental approach to all facets of governing adopted. By extension, “the nuclear option” can never be ”on the table.” There is no way Jesus or the God of his teachings would accept the indiscriminate killing of millions of people. An understanding that Americans can and will protect their homeland against any military invasion by an aggressor. Even the most docile liberal of us would make the Iraqis insurgents look like brownie troops when defending our home soil. The only way America can be lost is through a loss of identity. The “change” we require is one that restates and reinforces that identity.


  6. 6 John D. Anthony
    January 8, 2008 at 15:36

    I would like to see:
    A foreign policy that doesn’t treat the rest of the world as a resource for the U.S..
    An America that leads the world in dealing with global warming.
    A Manhattan Project to develop alternatives to fossil fuels.
    An abolishment of any and all religion in politics.
    An end to the involvement of corporations in making domestic energy policies.
    A restoring of the executive branch to it’s place as one of the three branches of government.
    A serious effort to establish universal health coverage.
    A tax system that is truly fair.
    An education policy that triples federal funding of schools.
    An immigration policy which recognizes that climate change will enevitably force movement to higher latitudes.
    Drug laws based on science.
    College tuition in exchange for service in the Peace Corps or Habitats for Humanity.

    For a start….

    John in Salem

  7. 7 Alison, Idaho
    January 8, 2008 at 15:46

    How about something simple to start…a plan to get out of Iraq and bring our troops home. Our current president has made it perfectly clear that he has no intention of doing any such thing. The first change I would like to see is a change in that attitude.

  8. 8 Kweku
    January 8, 2008 at 18:33

    Change, just for the sake of change, is useless. Politicians would sometimes ask for change without sayings what exactly what needs to change or how they’ll bring about change. So long as it suits their campaign, they’ll shout for change. But when they get the main change they want, the opposing candidate out and themselves in, often the status quo remains.
    Kweku, Accra

  9. 9 Linda in Portland, Oregon
    January 8, 2008 at 18:46

    The U.S. needs to make major changes in the roles of money, religion and the press in politics and public policy.

    We need to take corporate money out of the political system, reducing our presidential election from 2 years to 3 months and allowing true freedom of press.

    The mainstream U.S. media is an embarrassment. We need true freedom of press.

    We need religion and politics to un-mix again. Huckabee said in a debate “Either god created the world or it was an accident” and “If someone wants to vote for someone who doesn’t believe in god they probably have plenty of choices.” I wish. And don’t get me started with Mitt Romney’s faith. We have had enough of leaders claiming to get guidance from their imaginary friends.

  10. 10 Syed Hasan Turab
    January 8, 2008 at 21:33

    US dominating community belongs to a combination of white poor European nations & think in a segrated way, in the light of Primary results with Democrates’s political speeches along with confused political agenda some communities are taking it as a wake up call. Though Replicans & Democrates both are pushing war strategy real hard with out any knowledge about Alqueda hide outs & fearness of future attacks.
    Any way Republican’s Immigration policy & stratigic partnership with Pakistan & other Islamic countries will establish strong support of Spanish & Muslims support as in the past both usually support to Democrates. May be wild human behaviour been observed from red necknians of US regarding Democratic Candadacy.

  11. 11 George
    January 9, 2008 at 03:03

    “Change” is change of the current administration.

    It is code talk for return to- government of the people, by the people and for the people.

    Return to lawful, Constitutional, democratic government is change today.

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