Your pictures from Kenya

As we heard on yesterday’s programme Kisumu is on the cities most affected by the violence in Kenya. One listener got in touch to share these photos of the damage.

We also had an unprecendented number of text messages to the programme yesterday. Here’s a selection of comments from Kenya:

Kibaki and Raila need to realise quickly that what is happening is far greater than their personal vendetta. They need to reconcile for the sake of their people and form a Coalition Government if need be to keep the peace.
Ali, Mombasa

The only solution is by a recount of the 48 disputed constituencies in the open and in the presency of internertional observers.There was massive rigging by eck. kibaki wherever he is, should come out and say something to the people, why is he quiet?
Calvin in Kenya

Its tragic and sad to see what Kibaki has done, taking us back 20 years, his own people are saying the elections were flawed. For heaven sake an ECK official confessed with evidence.

It would be helpful if the BBC adopted an objective angle in reporting about the situation in Kenya now. You could compare the allegedly doctored results with the allegedly genuine ones to show who had the genuine lead. If the difference would cut Kibaki’s total to less than Raila’s, I am sure that Kibaki would listen. But if he would still be ahead anyway, then Raila should be told to swallow the bitter pill and call off his supporters. Now you are only fueling the riots. call me.
Muiruri, Nairobi

Please, international organizations, kindly help us to save Kenya. Please please.
Dan – Kisumu

Kenyans voted in large numbers for change, but the president has proved to Kenyans that he can’t be trusted and he is a liar and has stolen elections.
Oscar, Kitale

How can the president be so insensitive? The country is burning and bleeding yet he seems to be fine and happy with the situation!
Patrick, Kenya

It’s a sad moment for the country. Kenyans are dying due to Kibaki’s senseless power greed. We never knew he was such a great monster. Please, the west should do something to assist us out of this.
Ben in Kenya

The Kikuyu tribe won the Kenyan election but the Kenyans lost. 30th Dec 2007 will be recorded as the most shameful and the saddest day in Kenyan history
Prakash in Kenya

I wonder what has happened to the democrats such as Karua’s Kivutha Kibwana. Kibaki may steal votes but not our support. One way or another we will bury him like we did Moi.

My respect for Kibaki has just evaporated He will do us proud if only he accepted defeat and stepped down if not then the war will go on.
Norman from Kitale

What we feel as kenyan voters who were supporting mr raila is similar to what a rape victim would go through. Trying to make us forget the past and accept the results is adding insult to injury.

What happened was not a win but a coup. Kibaki has taken us 20 years backward. Kenya is over.
Samoei in Sotik, Kenya

Saying that this will end in 2 to 3 days Mr Tuju is taking things for granted as this is bigger than all that has happened before. Worse will come if the international community dooesn’t intervene. This can’t be taken to a Kenyan court as justice won’t happen. May peace be upon Kenyans.
Farouk in Mtwapa, Kenya

Situation in Kenya is an east African situation that better benefits America and Britain.
Agwambo in Nairobi

Kenyans must rise to the challenge and sort this out as did the people of Ukraine, Serbia and Georgia – support from outside is welcome
Martin in Lamu

Going by provincial vote statistics, it was evident RAILA was way ahead in 6 out of 8 provinces. KIBAKI could not have lead with votes from only 2 provinces. ECK should know this. I urge KIBAKI to gracefully step down.
Lucas Ogutu

Kibaki has rigged the election very badly. The supermarkets are closed since 23.12.07. No food, no money in ATMs. People are queuing for kerosene for cooking. I wanted to go to our rural home but there’s no public transport at all.
Yussuf from Nairobi

I think the president should step down to save people’s lives!

World leaders should help Kenya by speaking out against the massive rigging that happened here. Where are Bush and the Browns of this world now?
R. Muhavi

We are unhappy to see this mess and we can easily solve it anyway, so let the rest of the world keep their hands off.
Abdulahi in Wajir, Kenya

I was a first time voter and I don’t think I will ever vote again! It’s just futile and worthless.
Iddi, Nairobi

Raila is the worst inciter. Remember 1982 when he and others tried to overthrow the government. I blame him for everything that is going on.
Francis in Kenya

International community should put pressure on Raila to seek redress in court not on the streets

I know Kibaki might have contemplated resigning but he’s under pressure from his wife & Mr. Michuki not to. But this seems the only way out.
Terewa, Kenya

The solution to this unfortunate situation is quite simple: Kibaki should step down and concede defeat, and the ECK should be held responsible for causing the chaos for delaying the results, and for rigging the results. Anything other than that is a futile exercise. I will not sit and watch this grave injustice. Peace isn’t just the absence of war.
Bev in Nairobi

Kibaki won fairly. The problem is that U.S.A found itself in this situation when it was old with Bush and Al Core but Kenya we are still young. We are a strong country – don’t panic.
George from Nairobi

Kibaki isn’t a believer in change. He is a perennial political opportunist. He squandered the goodwill in 2002 and killed our dream this year. I’ve lost my respect for him.
Orege Moses, Nairobi, Kenya

As much as there is looting and lynching there is joy and jubilation. I live near Nairobi and it is safe with people going about their business.
Laban in Kenya

6 Responses to “Your pictures from Kenya”

  1. 1 Robert
    January 1, 2008 at 18:11

    It is unfair when Kenyans are categorized by their tribes. I want all Kenyans to know that what is happening to Kenya will touch every and each Kenyan what is happening is a power struggle between the have nots and the haves. I am a kikuyu and I have luo friends. Yesterday I called my luo friend in Kisumu only for his phone to be answered by a policeman informing me that he had been shot dead. Did he deserve to die? Who between Kibaki and Raila will tell his wife that the husband is no more? There are kikuyus who have been burnt in Eldoret. What was their crime? They most they have in common with Kibaki is that they are kikuyu but more importantly they have more in common with my luo friend as both were and form the largest tribe in Kenya and that is the tribe of the have nots. This is not the kind of country we need and leaders should stop fuelling ethnic tension. So as Kenyans we should demand an end to this and call our leaders and all parties involved to put the country before personal ambition and ego on all sides.

  2. 2 Lilian
    January 2, 2008 at 21:48

    Its not fair for innocent kenyans to die. Truth and justice should be followed. Trust me iam not a die hard of kibaki nor raila nor am i a kikuyu or a luo but if raila won the elections then he should be president. Kibaki should admit the rigging because it was too obvious. Its not about kikuyus and Luos. Its kenyan its about mombasa, rift valley, and the whole of western kenya. Raila won the elections in 6 out of 8 provinces. That means Kenyans dont want him to lead them. Only his people want him. I think he should be their M.P. Kenya is not for kikuyus only. Remember we have 42 other tribes. Whatever it is innocent kikuyus and other people are dying and suffering for no reason. They did not steal votes. I think kibaki should just consider the innocent blood being shed if he is a true leader.
    I hate politics

  3. January 3, 2008 at 13:01

    I am a Kenyan who voted in the last concluded General elections and is deeple frustrated by the turn out of an event which I thought as suppossed or rather meant to change the desitiny of my country and particularly that of the youth who form a larger part of this countrys population.

    I have to admit I vited for ODM and its Presidential candidate Mr. Raila AmolloOdinga since I saw in him the opportunuty of advancing the coure of the much needed hands on aproach to our political landscape.
    Further I am in greaqt desperation of the events that have followed the polls on the 27 Dec.2007.

    As a humble kenyan I think we spoke by the ballot box and not by the police forces that have made all kenyan towns dead and derelict of people and business, If our leaders were wise or let themselves be controlled by thrie conscience then they will let this rather peacefull country be lead by the people we elected and not the people who believe that by virtue of having been in position have aright to remain in powe and affecting even the robust businesses of their tribesemen(Kikuyu).

    I welcome comments on the same as well.

  4. 4 Godfrey Omole
    January 14, 2008 at 10:07

    Raila will only rule in Kenya when they start recognising the importance of the central and Eastern Kenya Vote and respect the rule of law.

    In 2007 election, he went on discarding Kalonzo and calling Kikuyus tribalists: Which Politatians in his true sence can ignore 4.8 Million block Voters and survive. I think he is not serious. If he had put down his ego and taken Kalonzo or even wooed a few Kikuyus/or had patience in Kibaki Government, Ke would now be in state house.

    He just want war. but even that cannot and has never given any one leadership. neither will it make his community better( look at Kisumu now in ruines). He will require money from Central Kenya and other areas to fix it.

    The way forward is to seek legal redress and reach out to Kikuyus as a peace maker instead of destroying the who of East Africa with outdated war cries.

    Only British and America will benefit form his actions-

  5. 5 RISPER
    January 18, 2008 at 10:04

    KIBAKI should step down for RAILA.Many pple are loosing their lives bcoz of him.KIBAKI a lot of curses will follow you because of other people’s blood.ASIYEKUBALI KUSHINDWA SI MSHINDANI.OWISE KIBAKI THINK TWICE.


    January 18, 2008 at 12:38

    It troubles me when people are so ready to swallow propaganda so readily. The Kenyan and local media are partly to blame for portraying Raila as a winner long before all results had come in. What trust can ODM supporters have in a leader who says there will be no peace until… until what? all Kikuyu are gone ? the Kenyan economy is dead? If Raila wasn’t so afraid of being proven a liar, he would show us tangible proof of his claims-

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