Christmas Day at WHYS

This is the scene. Tommy has brought quiche in, a fine looking apple tart and is wearing a red paper hat. Leonardo is looking at re-runs of himself on Creature Comforts , has brought in a chopping board which he intends to use in the preparation of “Brazilian drinks” (when we’re off-air naturally) and has abandoned his hat for a pair of headphones. Rabsy is upstairs in the newsroom, having started her shift 9 hours ago , ready to come down and present for us. Fiona is doing her expenses in between serious research on the Kenyan elections and is wearing a purple paper hat. Over on Newshour, there’s a bit of light-hearted banter between them and us and Lyse Doucet is in the chair telling us to keep the noise down. Their team have a BBC trolley of what looks like ham and chocolates. Our trolley hasn’t arrived. Outside, it’s very grey, very rainy and i’ve just seen an open top tourist bus go past with a top deck full of soaked Japanese tourists on board.  We’ve all swopped stories about our mornings before we came in and the whole atmosphere is very surreal. A friend of mine phones to say that his wife woke up in the early hours- worried that not every present wrapped for the family was in the right place. She decided to unwrap them all to make sure. My friend was then up at 3.00 a.m to re-wrap them and make sure they were ok. They were. I’ve just had e-mails from my friends Lubna in Baghdad and Izumi in Japan, neither of whom are “celebrating” Christmas but were thoughtful enough to e-mail while we’re at work. I’m very grateful. Ros, of course, isn’t here- tho’ is “on call” in case we need him to go to the Cornwall unattended studio tomorrow, in case the line to Calcutta goes down (Rahul is presenting from there). yeah, sure.

It’s a sort of Global Conversation. Happy Christmas. Oh, and Leo has not only got his chopping board out- he’s got a pestle and mortar out and is mixing ingredients.

6 Responses to “Christmas Day at WHYS”

  1. 1 Will Rhodes
    December 25, 2007 at 16:59

    As long as Man Utd win and Arsenal lose tomorrow all will be good! I am wearing my Green (colour, not global warming) Santa hat that says “Tis the season to be broke’ and it is!

    Hopefully the stores will have real, real bargains starting tomorrow – and not put out eaters egg’s until at least March.

  2. 2 Chernor Jalloh
    December 25, 2007 at 17:47

    After I have seen the YOU TUBE video of creature conforts-lion talking about hot weather and space and meat,I could not help laughing. The istructions made by LYSE DOUCET over the BBC staff to moderate their voices,is really good.She has reminded us that women can takecare of a family.And I hope you straitawy obeyed her.I wish her a happy Christmas and a happy new year. Wow!Are you people telling us that,those Japanese tourists got soaked to the skins? I hope they will not catch cold that is going to prevent them from celeberating the Christmas holiday.You are really sharing beatiful news with your friends.You are grateful.Thank you very much.

  3. 3 Lubna
    December 25, 2007 at 18:01

    Hi to all my good friends in WHYS! Hi to all WHYS good listeners! To Mark Sandell I say: Thanks a million my precious friend! And to Will Rhodes I say: Merry Xmas Will! I’m a big Arsenal fan, and Arsenal will surely win tomorrow! With my love! Lubna!

  4. 4 Karen Dunn
    December 25, 2007 at 18:47

    To BBC: in response to your debate as to whether or not there is God–
    GOD and PLAN

    Good works on Principle and Love. Evil operates on deceit and hate.
    Because Good builds on a solid Foundation, it will therefore stand and
    endure. Evil relies on fake foundations and will crumble and flounder.
    The Test of Time will reveal Truth…Jesus said “by their fruits you will know
    them”, and this process takes Time to grow and produce. Each individual has
    the capacity to develop their inmost motives and desires, and is endowed with
    the Presence of God The Holy Spirit within their beings to help guide them
    on their Life Journey. The Angels of God also assist Each One as they
    progress. Enough knowledge is given Each Individual to succeed, and not
    more than they are able to bear. Their Character is built and strengthened by
    Trial and Tribulation, enabling them to mature and be ready for the Joys and
    Responsibilities of Life Eternal.

    In The Great Time-Table of The Creator, the Providential Workings Out
    will bring All divergent Paths together like the many spokes of a bicycle
    wheel coming together at the hub. In This Time, falsehood will be gone and
    Love and Truth will remain, allowing All to be Understood– and to
    The Final Eternal Picture will no longer be dark and fuzzy, but clearly seen by
    All, in wonderful Reality.

    The long and difficult Detour will bring All back to The Way originally
    intended by The All-Wise Creator, and Unity, Harmony, Good-Health, Joy,
    Understanding, Peace, Truth, Friendship, and Love will reign in All….
    for Eternity.

  5. 5 Jim
    December 26, 2007 at 06:19

    Have a nice X’mas BBC

  6. 6 Syed Hasan Turab
    December 26, 2007 at 08:55

    As far as I remember on 25th of December 1979, former USSR’s army captured Afghanistan, might not be lucky day for Russia.
    Any way Afghan suffrings started from the same day, as 16 milion’s refuge to Pakistan. May be understand as Birth day of “Alquida” too.

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