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We are doing an item on celebrating at a time of tragedy – and thanks to Laura for getting in touch and taking part when we recorded it today. We’ll also be talking about the commercialisation of religious holidays on December 26th – that programme will be presented by Rahul Tandon in Calcutta. But the rest of the week is still up for grabs! 

More ideas for holiday programmes have been coming in.

This is from Luella:

I would like to comment on the usage of two words that I believe would serve us all better if they were changed or at least considered when used. Take these for example:

1. Suicide Bomber – would it not be better/more accurate to say suicide murderer/murdering bomber? I believe this would also give a whole new meaning to this term.

2. American – should be called US citizens – American is the total area of the north and south continent. Not just the people of the US.

This is from Matthew in the US:
“Why don’t we discuss Kenya’s John Githongo’s new revelations about the politicians in Kenya, especially when the election is around the corner.” 

And I Mørk in Norway emailed to say “How about letting us know what sort of Christmas the people of Gaza will be having.”

Drop us a line or post here if you have any other suggestions.

14 Responses to “Suggest a show for next week”

  1. 1 steve
    December 18, 2007 at 14:26

    Rather than worry about the name of suicide bombing, we should just focus on that it’s a form of terrorism and no grievance justifies strapping a bomb onto your self and walking into a cafe in Tel Aviv or Baghdad.

    US Citizens vs. Americans:

    This is really silly, I think there are more topics. But is there any other nation where the citizens are called “something citizen” rather than “British” or “Canadian” or “French”? Everyone else has their name. If you called a Canadian and American, he would get upset. I have never heard a non American from the Americas refer to themselves as Americans. This is stupid.

    Why don’t we talk about how society is slowly but surely becoming so materialistic and thus so self absorbed that people are becoming more and more unpleasant and only care about themselves? I think if this progresses, that people become so self absorbed (hence sociopaths, they only care about themselves) that there will be soon people that will make Hitler and Stalin seem like nice guys.

  2. 2 Xie_Ming
    December 18, 2007 at 15:43

    Why not a show about India from Indians?

    What can be done about the growing gap between the yuppies and the peasants?

    Status of support for the caste system?

    Return of the BJP?

    Status of the RSS?

    Is Maoist strength growing?

    Hindu nationalism vs. tolerance?

  3. 3 Beth Krane
    December 18, 2007 at 15:54

    I think it might be nice to address those that have no family or anywhere they feel they can spend the holidays. Many of these people fall into the category of suicide or murder and suicide.

    Though giving should occur all year long, it is especially at this time that we need to stop thinking about only ourselves and reach out to somebody that may not have enough to sustain them through this time of year.

    It is not about buying gifts and dumping them on somebodys lap, or fixing a meal. It is offering the warmth of your home and companionship. While some people do prefer the solitude from the holiday craziness there are many silent sufferers who could use a kind hand extended to them.

    That is a my suggestion: What people can do to help one another through this time of year while so many are celebrating as others feel isolated and alone.

  4. 4 viola anderson
    December 18, 2007 at 16:21

    A show on the meaning of Christmas to Christians would be appropriate. And if some listeners need to spice it up with suicide bombers and Middle East politics, how about the contrast between the hope for the future which the birth of the Christ child symbolizes and the despair and hatred which the suicide bombers symbolize?

  5. 5 steve
    December 18, 2007 at 18:19

    I’m listening to the show on arab blogs, but it made me think of blogs in general, and what’s wrong with society of people being so self absorbed. Blogs are a perfect example of this.. People will just spout off whatever they feel, as if anyone cares what you are wearing today or how you feel. A blog simply isn’t news. It’s just some person getting attention, or hoping they’ll get attention. The worst offenders are of course the “socialite” type of blog of chicks posting pictures of themselves partying, and talking about whatever mindless trends they are following, so at least the political blogs have some substance to them.

  6. 6 Anthony
    December 18, 2007 at 20:58

    Recently New Jersy abolished the death penalty, a 12 year old boy who killed his grandparents and burnt down their house is requesting a reduced sentence down from his 30 years, and a Texas man is being questioned about killing 2 men who was robbing his house because he might be “racist”. In the Arab world, Iran has the highest execution rate, a woman was supposed to get 200 lashes after being raped by 7 men, and even Sadam was hung. My question is:
    1) Is the Western world to lenient, or are other countries to harsh?
    2) Is America contradicting itself? I mean, Al-Quida should be killed and tortured for acts of terrorism, but killers in America shouldn’t?
    3) Does corporal punishment help?

    -Anthony, Los Angeles, California

    (I’m kind of sick, so my questions might not have came out the way I wanted them to.)

  7. 7 Fotios Padazopulos
    December 18, 2007 at 21:43

    I think it would be interesting to address the issue of government accountability in various countries.
    Specifically, if a government employee engages in acts of abuse of office and breach of public trust and your efforts to set things straight are met with equally abusive superiors what are your options of getting justice?

  8. 8 Luci Smith
    December 19, 2007 at 11:17

    I think that Government accoutabiblity and the death penalty (the UN just came out against it) wiould make good programmes.

    Otherwise, I think it would be cool to have two seperate topics: Visions or wishes and dreams.Under visions or wishes, listeners could tell what is possible in a maybe 10 year period where they live, what is feasible but perhaps very different than what is going on now. I think that there are a lot of listeners who have good ideas and if ideas are broadcast, then it gives some other people a chance to get ahold of them and network or invent or help.
    As far as Dreams, I am thinking of things which at the moment are not feasible. When I was a kid 43 years ago, they told us we would be able to talk to each other on tv’s. Reality with mobile phones and computers is not as they said it would be back then, but something like what they said is now possible.

    I think that my own government in Denmark is filling people with untruths, but I seriously doubt that any of the ministers will be held responsible for what is going on. Our Prime Minister, Anders F. Rasmussen is trying to get a job as the head of the EU and woe be it to anybody who gets in his way. I can only say, “Europe, Beware!” This man is willing to go into some skanky alliances in order to stay in power and his favorite expression is roughly translated, “There’s no answer for that question here!- Der er intet at komme efter!” This guy hires spin doctors like it’s going out of style – and they get paid exhorbitant salaries. When a new scandal erupts, the taxpayer pays for the old one and the new one. Recently, a new minister was chided for not having her own spin doctor. How old fashioned – someone who still has a modicum of moral decency and can think for themselves. Alas, it’s all gone the American Way here and in Sweden.

  9. 9 Gaurav in Singapore
    December 19, 2007 at 12:21

    Government accountability is a good topic! Singapore has had a very bad record in the past, and the government’s propensity to sue its opponents for defamation has further undermined attempts at “open-ness” and free speech here.

    Other possible topics: LGBT issues and legalizing sodomy? How can the world tackle poverty in the poorest countries of the world (i.e. can we Make Poverty History?) What will happen to the climate change refugees of tomorrow?

    Just throwing out ideas there. I’ve got to run now, I’ll see you all at 2am SGT (6pm GMT)!

  10. December 19, 2007 at 12:28

    2007 was the year of social networks and from the year 2000 to probably the year 2100 the internet can rightly be arwarded the price of “medium of the year”.
    I would like to discuss how WHYS-listeners usage of the internet has changed since, let’s say, two years ago. Have your personal relations moved online, maybe from e-mail into social networks like Facebook, MySpace, you name it? How much information do you give online and do you think there is a benefit in services like twitter, where you can follow people around what they are doing (if they tell you so), or services like Mogulus, where you can make your own live-TV-program via webcam and even invite friends? (these are no advertisments, but examples)
    How is it for people who do not have broadband-connections, or an internet which is filtered by their government, or the ones who have no internet at all? Do you feel you are missing out on something or have you found other “new ways” of communication?
    And, finally: what would happen if the internet was abolished today? What would the impact on your social life and your way of getting information be affected? Could you trust BBC news or TV or radio station without checking other sources on the net? Could you imagine to wait until tomorrow morning to get in-depth analysis from the newspaper? Remember: A little more than a decade ago, this was reality.
    (sorry for the long posts, but maybe you find aspects worth discussing)

  11. 11 steven
    December 19, 2007 at 14:56

    I would like very much to hear and participate in a program about child abuse and its effects on adult life.
    There are many important and interestinga aspects of this relating to politics,society,and life in general.
    Most people albor under the falsh impression that hitting or smaking a child has non effect either on them or others.Let´s get a discussion going about this.


  12. 12 Janai Calluy
    December 19, 2007 at 15:07

    Hi evereyone,

    Since september 2001 the news has been dominated by terrorists and wars against them.
    The subject wich I want to talk about is something totally different but very complicated.
    I am from Belgium, a very prosperous country but we have one problem… We’ve had no governement for over six months. Why? Dissagreement between the (rich) Dutch speaking Flanders (where I live) and the French speaking Wallonia in the south.
    These dissagreements have always been there but now the situation is becoming critical. People are becoming more and more extreme in their point of view. In Flanders more and more people want independance, in Wallonia people want unity.
    Since the eighties Belgium has started to become a Federal state. Reforms are still not finished but we’re in the last stages now. What should happen now is that the social system (healthcare, pensions,…) becomes a regional jurisdiction instead of federal.
    These reforms have been fixed (in a constitutional attachement) in the past but Walloon politicans refuse to make a deal.
    At the same time the media play an important role. The person who’s most probably going to be prime minister (Yves Leterme) has been scandalized by French speaking media. For example he has been asked to sing the Belgian anthem and he started to sing the French anthem. This incident has been used to explain this man can not become PM because he does not know the national anthem. But is this important for a politician? I don’t think so.
    Anyway what I fear is that Belgium really is going to split up since more and more Flemish people radicalise by the blunt no (non en francais) of Walloon political parties. The frustration wich I notice here is that they just say no while at the same time Wallonia receives around 7 billion euro’s from Flanders per year.
    This is just a rough sketch of the situation but in real life it is much more complicated.
    What I wan’t to know from you guys (the listeners) is what do you think about this?
    Should Belgium just split up since there is no consensus to be found or should we keep on trying to form a governement?

    I hope this subject is interesting enough to you, to me it is anyway.

    Cheers Janai.

  13. 13 Linda
    December 23, 2007 at 22:24

    In the US the Lakota Nation has seceded as a part of US and created their own country. They have stated that a long history of treaty violations have forced this situation. They will issue their own drivers licenses and it will require a passport to enter their country.

    Since the Native Americans were here first, and been constantly violated by the US government – I say “Good for Them”! Now – is this a symptom of what is happening all across America, or an isolated incident. How will the US government respond when they discover this is the real thing? How do they arrange trade and diplomacy with other countries?

    Maybe a US situation – but it is a sign to the world that not all is well as the government pretends it is.

  14. 14 Lawa Sarah
    December 8, 2008 at 21:50

    Should girls/ladies be allow to put on trouser and women put on dresses or all can dress any.
    I am tired in my country where women are often been beaten by the police of puttung trousres wheater it being decent.

    neak name me L S in Juba Southern Sudan.

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