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Fighting climate change – the US or the EU way?

 FROM ROS: Hi everyone. One subject definitely makes the show, two others will if you want them to. Let us know.

1. Bali – definite

2. Talking to terrorists – possible

3. How far can you go to defend your home? – possible.


Fighting climate change is clearly a complicated matter, but those in Bali have boiled it down to something approaching simplicity. We have two distinct positions.

– THE EU AND OTHERS. Set legally binding targets for the whole world.

– AMERICA. Legally binding targets don’t work. Individual solutions for countries are better. And anyway, until India and China curb their activities, it’s an unfair attack on the US economy.

Who do you support?

Here’s the latest from Bali.

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Gore points finger at USA

Peter here again this morning, still in shock that it’s possible to wait ten minutes for a Central Line tube train during rush hour. Why after all these years living in London this would surprise me I don’t know. I’m just an optimist I guess. Anyway…

As climate change talks in Bali drag on, what do you think of Al Gore’s speech when he said that “My own country, the United States, is principally responsible for obstructing progress in Bali”? What do you think of America’s position? Paxalles reckons Gore’s still mad at Bush over the 2000 election. (But that hardly puts the former VP in a minority of one.) Daily Kos looked beyond the headlines to recognise that Gore spread the blame beyond the White House. Do you want to hear someone make the White House’s case on the programme today?

A debate going on in the US right now is over guns laws after a man shot two burglars in broad daylight after they broke into his neighbour’s house. The 911 recording is quite a listen. According to the NYT the case is testing the limits of a new self-defence law. So did the shooter go too far?

And it’s a big weekend for South Africa as the ANC process to elect its next president moves forward. It’s close between the country’s President Thabo Mbeki and his popular – and controversial – rival Jacob Zuma.

On to Kenya, where the president’s wife is the centre of attention after slapping the MC at a public event. Why’d she do it? The official mistakenly introduced her as Lucy Wambui – Mary Wambui is thought to be President Kibaki’s second wife, although officials deny that the president has a second wife – a practice which is not uncommon in Kenya. Predictably, the opposition is rather enjoying it.

Back to the Pacific, where the stage could be getting set for a diplomatic incident at sea as Australia’s prime minister says it’s navy and air force may keep a close eye on Japan’s whaling fleet.

And finally, here in Britain a report reveals that the Army is losing a batallion a year to dishonourable discharges due to illegal drug use. And it’s on the rise. Why?