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Behind the scenes

 We’re going to start posting quite a lot more video on the blog. But to start with we need to be sure it’s going to work – something we don’t have a  great track record on after our last blog. So here’s a quick film about WHYS that was put together a while back.  


The future of public service broadcasting

Hi everyone. It’s another day off for WHYS as today the BBC is broadcasting the second of our 75th anniversary debates. Today’s was recorded in Delhi with Owen Bennett-Jones at the helm. It’s considering the future of public service broadcasting. You’re welcome to respond to what you hear on the blog.


After Cliff in Montana, here’s two more emails…’Hi Ros
i am an avid listener,i used to get BBC WS on shortwave here in Baghdad and it was not very clear but now i get FM which is ace.I listen to you in my kitchen in Baghdad usually while making dinner for my family after 6 pm out time. With best wishes from Julie’

‘Hi Ros,

My name is Ahmed Dolal, I live a small town in northern Somalia called Buhodle. I listen the program via Internet and usually get an email early in the day of what is going to be discuss in the evening. I have also, called couple of times and summit my comments and I love the experience.

Even though, I live at my home town now, I can relate the program and its international audience because I lived over the years in Rome, Italy, Toronto, Canada, Minneapolis, MN and had a chance to visit many other places. So, truly I can called myself an international man and I appreciated and it is global village listeners. Thank you for being my neighbours. ‘

If you’d like to tell everyone where you’re listening, let me know and I’ll add it the Daily Email.


It’s a regular show tomorrow and we’re all ears for your story suggestions.